Our Team

The Best Part of Cariant is Our Healthcare Recruiting Team

Meet the people who work hard to keep you informed and happy in your travel healthcare career.

Devoted Healthcare Recruiters

Cariant healthcare recruiters are focused on building a relationship with you based on trust, care and a personal touch. They work with a smaller number of healthcare travelers, so they can give your travel career the attention you deserve. Because of our relationship-based, boutique approach many healthcare travelers work with the same recruiter for years.

Tony Marino

Recruiter/Account Manager - Therapy Division MSP/Travel Staffing Operations

Becky Sullivan

Recruiter/Account Manager

Aaron Cohen

Recruiter/Account Manager

Trevor Pavlik

Recruiter/Account Manager

Nicole Butterbaugh

Recruiter/Account Manager

Tiffani Sailes

Recruiter/Account Manager

Kim Neubauer

Recruiter/Account Manager

Jonathan Riddell, PTA

Recruiter/Account Manager

Brandon Sheffield

Recruiter/Account Manager

Cariant Healthcare Recruiting Support Staff

Behind every successful healthcare traveler's journey, there's an exceptional team working tirelessly behind the scenes. Our support staff plays a pivotal role in keeping Cariant seamlessly on track, allowing our recruiters to dedicate their efforts to delivering unparalleled experiences for our travelers.

Mark Ford

Senior VP Travel Division

Tricia Pofahl

Director of Human Resources

Kim Dugan

Compliance Manager

Amber McIntosh

Benefits and Human Resources Specialist

Dave Pruden

Accounting Specialist

Christa Miller

Payroll Specialist

Shannon Maddox

Contract Specialist

Olivia Eighme

Compliance Specialist

Shelly Rogers

Compliance Specialist

Cheyanne Mitchell

Compliance Specialist

Traci Doland

Compliance Specialist

Jessica Riddell

Housing Coordinator