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Infographic: Guide to the U.S.

Travel Therapy

So many choices. There is a lot to see in this country and each region of the U.S. offers something different. Expanding your geographic footprint ensures you experience different states and cultures and are well-equipped with information before deciding where to settle down permanently.

2015 Travel Therapy Forecast

Travel Therapy

Having been in the travel therapy business since 2001, we’re skilled at picking up the subtle needle movements of our industry. Here are some trends we’re seeing this year. There are seven new “hot” states for 2015.

The Importance of Compliance

Travel Therapy

With so many JCAHO, staffing and facility requirements, becoming and staying compliant can be challenging, but it is one of the most important things you do for your career. Whether you are full time or a contract traveler, each facility will require you to maintain your compliance status. Keeping compliant with your license, certifications, CPR, immunizations,

People Really Do Win!

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While at the 2014 Combined Sections Meeting held in Las Vegas, Elizabeth F., PT stopped by and chatted with Cariant recruiter, Michael Beelman, about our available travel opportunities and what Cariant has to offer. By visiting our booth and sharing with us her interest in travel she was entered in our drawing for an iPad

Make Time for Background Checks

Travel Nursing • Travel Therapy

As part of my job as Team Assistant for Cariant Health Partners, I work with our travelers on the logistics of placing them in their facilities—from how they’re going to get there to where they’re going to live to all of the details that go along with new employment. One said detail that is becoming

The RV – Another Housing Option


So you have locked in that travel assignment. The pay is good, the location is right, and now the hunt for suitable housing begins. Rather than stress about housing availability, costs, lease terms and whether they allow your pet, maybe consider another option—the recreational vehicle. An RV or travel trailer, especially if you plan on

Surviving Bad Assignments

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First, are there bad assignments in travel therapy?  Yes.  Like every other type of employment setting, some jobs are better than others. The first thing to remember on a travel assignment is that it’s only 13 weeks. It’s not like a permanent position where you are looking at possibly being stuck in a bad situation

Is that Job a Traveler Only Job?

Travel Nursing • Travel Therapy

Our recruiters help healthcare professionals work in temporary travel contracts all across the country. One of the most common questions our recruiters receive from applicants is why the hiring facility is looking to fill the position with someone from out of state, as opposed to a local clinician.

Traveling & Trust

Travel Therapy

At Cariant, your initial recruiter stays on as your sole account manager for as long as you travel with us. This dedication and solidarity builds strong relationships between our long-term travelers and account managers. Many experienced travelers trust our account managers to submit them for desired locations without checking in first. Often, it’s during the

AOTA 2015 Storify

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Cariant Recruiters Michael Beelman and Carrie Anglim were in Nashville answering travel therapy questions and handing out fun Cariant swag to eager OTs, COTAs and students (aka future travelers) this past weekend. View the highlights from our #AOTA15 trip: