The Tax Home 50-Mile Myth

A question we often hear is, “How far away from home should my assignment be in order to qualify for the tax-free housing stipend?

Tax-free stipends are only available if 1) you have a permanent tax home and 2) you are working far enough away from your tax home that you need to get a second residence (hotel, apartment, long-term stay, etc.) and 3) are duplicating expenses.  If you go to work and then drive home to sleep at your tax home every night, you do not qualify for the stipend.

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Travel Predictions 2019

Travel healthcare trends ebb and flow and what was law in recent years is never guaranteed to continue. Here’s what to watch this year.


PDPM approaches. We don’t yet know exactly how the Patient Driven Payment Model will impact travel therapy needs. Clients are still learning what it means for their facility and permanent therapy staff. We expect a large number of skilled nursing facilities Read more »

Travel Therapy: Paying Down Student Loan Debt

We hear ya. The joy of graduating with a therapy degree is quickly overshadowed by the student loan debt that follows most graduates into the full-time workplace. Our therapy recruiters get asked a lot of questions about the financial benefits of travel. And there is certainly a financial upside!

Generally, travel therapists make 25 to 40 percent higher pay (thanks to tax-free stipends and urgency for your help and expertise to fill department needs) than in a permanent position. Living within your means and finding the lowest cost housing available during travel assignments all contribute to the bottom line. If you can make the commitment to travel for at least a few years while putting that extra take-home pay towards your principal loan balance, it will help you achieve freedom from student loan debt potentially years sooner than making minimum payments. It’s a success story we’ve been thrilled to see many of our travelers achieve.

If you recently graduated or will graduate soon, Cariant’s therapy recruiters are knowledgeable resources on the financial benefits of travel therapy. You can contact our team to learn more, or take the next step and see what locations are open and get started on your career path to debt-free living.

Recruiter-Traveler Relationships

We know the relationship with your recruiter is one of the more important parts of a successful travel career. At Cariant, you work with one recruiter regardless of where in the U.S. you want to travel. The longer you travel with us the stronger your relationship with your recruiter becomes. They are your advocates on the road. And they work hard to make sure their travelers are informed and happy.

We Need to Talk About Ghosting

Ghosting, an act we may categorize as something that only happens when “retiring” personal relationships, has shifted to the professional space as an employment trend. It’s on the minds of many HR and recruiting professionals. And unfortunately, it’s on our radar as well.

Culturally acceptable it may be to “ghost” an individual to end a friendship or relationship, ghosting does not belong in the travel therapy and travel nursing industry.

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Write a Travel Bucket List for Each and Every Contract Location

Most travel contracts are 13 weeks in duration. That may seem like a long period of time… until you recall how often you hear exclamations of how fast the year went by. When you’re moving around the country up to four times a year and trying to squeeze in as many memorable moments as you can, those 13 weeks will fly by!

It’s essential to make a plan, or at least write out a travel bucket list, in advance of each contract so you’re less likely to miss an experience. This is especially true if your plan is never to extend a contract. Read more »

Travel Questions Answered

Why is it okay for a hospital to cancel a contract, but not for me?

Contract cancellations are a risk of travel. But travelers typically receive two weeks to 30 days’ notice for your recruiter to line up another assignment. Travelers who receive notice directly about a cancellation clause being utilized should contact their recruiter immediately to look at options.

Cancellations usually only happen because the facility filled a permanent position or experienced an unexpected low census. It’s a financial decision, Read more »

We’re Hiring! Business Development Manager

We’re expanding our team! We’re looking for someone to join us in a newly created role, Business Development Manager. Interested? Contact Tracey Duke.


Are others impressed by your ability to forge new connections? Are you undeterred by the long game of new contract acquisitions?

We’re looking for a hardworking professional to join our team in a newly created business development role. Our ideal candidate has previous business development, sales, healthcare staffing or general staffing experience. This person is a self-starter who will continuously go after new business, communicate our value to directors and C-level professionals within healthcare organizations, and close the deal by delivering new direct contracts and VMS relationships to our recruiting teams.

This role will report to our Division Manager and follow strategic direction for targeting and priority of new contracts. This is primarily a salaried position, with a commission structure for securing new contracts.


  • Use multiple communication resources, including cold-calling, email, social media, trade shows, etc. to make connections in the healthcare industry with companies who need travel nurses and/or travel therapists
  • Grow our number of direct contracts with hospital systems and individual healthcare facilities including skilled nursing facilities, hospitals, outpatient clinics and home health agencies
  • Research and source opportunities where Cariant could be the exclusive travel staffing provider
  • Create relationships with MSP and VMS providers
  • Market candidates to potential clients
  • Other miscellaneous duties as assigned by Division Manager


  • Previous sales, business development, healthcare staffing or general staffing experience; A.A., A.S., or higher-level education in business-related program preferred
  • Familiarity with MSP, VMS, staffing contracts or the travel nursing/therapy industry a major plus
  • Excellent written, verbal and relationship-building skills
  • Positive mindset who can handle continuous outreach and cold-calling
  • Willingness to travel, as required


If you are a team player who thrives in a rapidly moving office environment and can work with a sense of urgency — we’d love to talk to you about joining Cariant.

A Travel Therapy IRONMAN Experience

Our travelers do a lot of cool things. Completing triathlon goals in every state, running Disney marathons and climbing 14ers to name a few. We recently learned all about IRONMAN triathlons thanks to travel therapist Joe R., PT. He worked a Wisconsin travel contract while training hours a day for the 2018 IRONMAN Wisconsin.

Recruiter Kari Broderick asked Joe about how he got started and how he trains:

I originally got involved with endurance sports while in high school through a great running program in both track and cross country. It led me to my first sprint triathlon at the ripe age of 16. Ten years later and I’m on the cusp of competing in my second IRONMAN here in the beautiful state of Wisconsin.

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