Any Time is a Good Time to Try Travel Therapy

It’s a well-debated topic regarding travel therapy—what point in your career is the best time for it? We know in reality it comes down to personal choice, but looking at the different travelers we’ve worked with over the past 16 years, we can confidently say that any point in a therapy career can be a good time to try travel therapy.

New Grad Travel Therapy

Cariant specializes in introducing new therapy graduates to the world of travel therapy. Working multiple contracts in a year allows you to gain valuable experience with different settings, sizes of facilities, patient demographics, treatment techniques and specialties. You’ll experience a variety of mentorship opportunities from the different therapists working at each facility and also from the tenured therapists (PT, OT and SLP) who work with us here at the Cariant home office. Our new travelers learn an incredible amount of independence during their first year of work.

With the higher-than-average take-home pay compared to a first permanent position, you are also able to repay student loans faster or grow your savings account. Some of the young therapists we have worked with have used travel to save for an upcoming wedding and other major purchases, like a new car. All our travelers are in charge of when and where they work, and many take advantage of that flexibility (and the fact that you can retain Cariant health insurance for up to 30 days between contracts) to see the world. Starting your first real job sounds a lot better when you can break it up with trips to countries like Iceland, Croatia, and Germany, right?

Not all new grads end up traveling for years, and that’s okay. Travel therapy is also a smart way to build your network and try out different regions of the country. Travel can lead to job offers at the facility where you are contracted. Or those connections may come to fruition a few years later as leadership opportunities.

Travel Therapy Mid-Career

However, we’d be neglect if we didn’t mention that former travelers sometimes find their way back to us after trying one or two permanent positions. That extra experience serves them well come time to interview for contract work again. And of course, we’re happy to welcome them back to the Cariant family!

Other reasons we hear from mid-career therapy professionals are that they are experiencing burn-out and want a career that is more “relaxed” or where they can feel more control. Sometimes a major life event happens and turning to travel is a means to refill a depleted savings account. The allure of traveling the country, being independent, and enjoying all aspects of that flexibility are powerful draws in themselves.

Travel Therapy Pre-Retirement

The years leading up to retirement can seem far away. Why not use travel to get a head-start on what your post-career life could be like? Many of our tenured travelers enjoy more time with their spouses, kids and grandchildren by turning to travel therapy. As families grow and disperse to different parts of the country, taking 13-week contracts near those areas allows you to be nearer to family while taking in the highlights.

Traveling during this time of your career can help you save for retirement by optimizing take-home pay and available stipends. Also, you can say good-bye to the kinds of office politics you’ve been dealing with for years. There is no need to get involved or be bothered by it as a traveler.


Think travel therapy may be for you? Give us a call or check out the latest travel therapy job openings to get started.

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  1. I like how you mentioned that being a travel therapy can help you save money for your retirement. My sister told me that she wanted to pick a career when she gets out of high school and she asks me if I could help her. I’m going to let her know about being a travel therapy.

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