When is the Right Time to Consider Travel Therapy?

It’s a well-debated topic regarding travel therapy: at what point in your therapy career should you consider travel options? While it ultimately comes down to personal circumstances, when reviewing the journeys of thousands of different travelers we’ve worked with over the past two decades, it’s clear that any point in a therapy career can be a good time to try travel therapy.

New Graduates

Cariant Health Partners specializes in introducing new graduates to the world of travel therapy. Working multiple contracts in a year allows therapists to gain valuable experience in a variety of settings. Travel therapy also offers numerous options to experience mentorship from more seasoned therapists at a variety of facilities throughout the U.S. New graduates earn valuable opportunities to provide patient care across different demographics while honing their skills and gaining a unique sense of independence.

The higher-than-average take-home pay — as compared to typical salaries for new therapists — allows for faster repayments on student loans, more funds available for savings, investment, upcoming weddings, new vehicles or other things that may be important or needed at this stage of life.

Our travelers are in charge of when and where they work. Many new graduates take advantage of that flexibility (and the fact that Cariant health insurance can be retained for up to 30 days between contracts) to explore the country. Travel jobs also allow for more free time between contracts to spend in whatever ways are important to each individual.

Travel jobs can potentially lead to permanent job offers at contracted facilities — or valuable connections that can provide future leadership and growth opportunities.

Mid-Career Professionals

Therapists in established careers often reach out to us for a variety of reasons — including burn-out at their current jobs or the desire for more control over their careers and work settings. Whether it’s due to major life changes, the need to replenish savings, the desire for change or the allure of adventure, travel therapy can be a powerful draw.

Those who have never previously traveled — or former travelers after having tried out traditional, permanent positions — often find their way to Cariant.  Experienced therapists are valuable to our facilities. Whether it’s a therapist’s first time or twentieth time as a traveler, we love helping our therapy professionals find new adventures.


Many therapists consider the road leading to retirement as the perfect gateway to get a head start on creating a more enjoyable life. Tenured travelers who want to enjoy more time with their spouses, children or grandchildren often turn to travel therapy. As families grow and disperse to different parts of the country, working 13-week contracts allows travelers to be closer to those they love or explore areas where they may like to retire one day.

Whether seeking an escape from traditional work settings and office politics, or exploring new adventures, traveling during the latter part of a career can optimize not only take-home pay and available stipends, but also quality of life.

Think travel therapy may be right for you? Check out Cariant’s latest travel therapy job openings. We’d love to help you find your next adventure!