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Travel Nursing

Find the support you deserve on the road.

When you have a recruiter in your corner who is fully-focused on getting to know you, understanding your needs and wants, and creating a recruiter-traveler relationship that lasts you can do great things for yourself; and for your patients. We’re here to help you do that, so you can find joy in new experiences every 13 weeks. You’ll have a partner in your travel nurse career. In fact, many of our nurses travel with the same recruiter for years because of our commitment.

Working with a smaller, boutique travel agency means you get the time and dedication you deserve. Your recruiter works with a smaller number of nurses, so they’re able to check in frequently and respond quickly when you need help. You’ll have a Devoted Recruiter to find assignments that meet your needs, who works hard to personalize your experience and who matches you with facilities that are a great fit. Cariant recruiters make you a priority, contract after contract, regardless of where in the U.S. you travel.

New to travel nursing? We’d love to help you begin your travel nurse career.

Whether you’re eager for new experiences, professional growth or bigger paychecks there’s never a bad time or reason to start a travel nurse career. We’ll guide you through what it takes to get started, including your credentialing portfolio (something you’ll want to keep updated and with you on the road), and answer any questions you may have. There’s a lot to know, but we’ve got you covered.

Start by talking to a Devoted Recruiter about your desired locations and settings. Share the states you’re most interested in and the goals—personal and professional—you’re looking to meet. Find contracts that meet your needs, and get help with housing, licensure and compliance paperwork. In a short while you’ll have all the knowledge and support to confidently get on the road to your first travel nurse contract.

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