Traveler Tips: Resumes

My recruiter asked me to send in my resume. What information should I include?

Recruiters take the information provided on your resume and use it to populate your candidate profile, so the resume format isn’t especially important. It’s providing complete information that is most helpful. At a minimum, we recommend providing the following information on your resume:

  • List each contract worked, including the full name of the facility, city/state location, and month/year of the contract dates (exact dates preferable)
  • Describe the department(s) worked, and the types of specialty or patients seen
  • Nursing professionals should also include the bed size of each facility
  • Education, including school, degree and graduation dates
  • If a new graduate, list all clinical experiences
  • Licenses and certifications
  • Permanent address
  • Email and phone number

Avoid unexplained gaps in employment. For any gap more than one month, provide some explanation to your recruiter so they know what to communicate to hiring managers. Providing this information will also help credentialing departments perform employment verification and background checks.

A final tip: After you start traveling, keep your resume current by updating it at the start of each new contract.

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  1. What are your pay packages like? What states do you have contracts in? Do you pay for travel to and from a contract?

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