Brenda Kemling Elected President of APTA Iowa

Brenda Kemling Elected President of APTA Iowa

In a significant development for the physical therapy community in Iowa, Brenda Kemling, PT, DPT, OCS, has been elected as the President of APTA Iowa. Brenda, who serves as RehabVisions’ Director of Operations – Outpatient Clinics, is no stranger to leadership roles and brings a wealth of experience to her new position.

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Brenda Kemling, PT, DPT, OCS

Her journey as the President of APTA Iowa commenced with her attendance at the APTA Leadership Congress and House of Delegates in Washington, D.C. from July 21-24, 2023. Such events play a crucial role in shaping the future of physical therapy, and Brenda’s participation underscores her commitment to the profession and the association.

APTA Iowa, a prominent association dedicated to the advancement of physical therapy in the state, has always been at the forefront of promoting best practices, education, and advocacy for its members. Brenda Kemling’s election marks a new chapter for the association. With her vast experience and dedication to the field, members of APTA Iowa can look forward to dynamic leadership that prioritizes the needs of physical therapists and their patients.

The role of the president in such associations is pivotal. They not only represent the association at various forums but also play a crucial role in shaping policies, guiding educational initiatives, and fostering collaborations. Brenda’s election is a testament to the trust and confidence that the members of APTA Iowa have in her capabilities.

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Brenda (3rd from right) with fellow participants at APTA Leadership Conference in Washington, D.C.

It will be interesting to see the new directions and initiatives that Brenda Kemling will introduce during her tenure. Her leadership comes at a time when the field of physical therapy is undergoing rapid changes, with advancements in technology and evolving patient needs. There’s no doubt that under Brenda’s guidance, APTA Iowa will continue to thrive and set benchmarks for other state associations.

In conclusion, Brenda Kemling’s election as the President of APTA Iowa is a significant milestone for the association. With her at the helm, the future looks promising for physical therapists in Iowa.


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