Adventures in Travel Nursing | Shelly Sharp

In healthcare, where schedules are bustling, locations are ever-changing and patient care is paramount, building lasting connections can sometimes feel like a luxury. But for Shelly Sharp — a seasoned travel nurse at Cariant Health Partners with a heart for adventure and a knack for collecting friends — every assignment is an opportunity to build relationships that enrich her life and career in profound ways.

With roots in Breckenridge, Texas, Shelly’s upbringing instilled in her a sense of community. “For me, being a travel nurse is about more than just the work,” said Shelly. “It’s about the people — the friends I make along the way, the communities I become a part of.”

For nearly five years, Shelly has embarked on many adventures thanks to numerous travel contracts with the guidance and support of Cariant Health Partners.

“Shelly’s contract choices are more about location,” shares her Cariant recruiter. “We discuss areas of the country she wants to travel to, and then Shelly researches things she’d like to explore in those areas.”

Shelly Sharp (3rd from left) in Hawaii with friends she has made along the way during Cariant travel assignments.

The heart of Shelly’s travel nursing experience lies in the relationships she cultivates with both colleagues and patients. ” Camden, Maine was my absolute favorite assignment ever,” said Shelly. “Several of us had worked together previously in Gunnison, Colorado, and we became even closer after we found ourselves together again in Maine. Some of my patients cried when it was time for me to leave.”

But it’s not just her coworkers and patients who welcome Shelly with open arms. “I rented a room on a horse farm in Virginia once,” she said. “The landlord became my friend. She invited me to barbecues, introduced me to all her friends and said I’ll always have a home to come back to visit.”

It’s these gestures of hospitality and warmth that make each new place feel like home for Shelly.

Maintaining these connections across vast distances is no small feat, but for Shelly, it’s a labor of love. “Telephone calls, texts, Facebook and video chats are all good tools to stay in touch,” she explains.

Whether it’s catching up over a quick lunch with coworkers who live nearby or planning an extraordinary cruise with friends she’s made on past assignments, Shelly’s commitment to nurturing these relationships knows no bounds.

But sometimes, it’s the smallest gestures that truly warm Shelly’s heart. “I worked with a 17-year old CNA,” said Shelly. “She was so sweet. She invited me to meet her family — and then they invited me back to share Thanksgiving with them.”

It’s moments like these — being welcomed into the homes and lives of others — that remind Shelly of the beauty of human connections that her Cariant travel assignments allow her to make.

When asked what she enjoys most about working with Shelly, her recruiter points to Shelly’s faith-driven and purpose-filled outlook.

A shared dedication between travelers like Shelly and their Cariant recruiters creates meaningful differences in the lives of others.

Looking ahead to future assignments, Shelly would love to get to Alaska, Hawaii, and Florida, “I’d love a contract in every state.”

But utimately, Shelly’s goal is not just about ticking off destinations on a map; it’s about embracing the diversity of experiences that each new locale offers and the opportunity to touch lives along the way.

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