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Therapy Licensing Tips

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Whether you’re ready to obtain your first-ever license, renewing, or requesting a license to practice in a new state, there is a lot to know about the licensure process. Luckily, all 50 states have a licensing board website with information on steps to obtaining licensure.

Travel Nursing 101

Travel Nursing

Interested in a travel nursing career, but not sure of the basics? Get the 101 on what it will take to start your travel nurse adventure.   Ready to hit the road? Apply now, or browse our list of current travel nurse contracts.

Traveler Questions Answered: Drug Screens

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From US Drug Test Centers: How to Avoid a Dilute Specimen It is always best to go for a urine collection first thing in the morning because your urine is fresh and not likely dilute. Do not drink extra water because you are afraid of not being able to produce urine at your drug test

5 Non-Clinical Podcasts For Your Next Adventure

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I like listening to people talk. Probably because I’m an introvert, and I don’t like to talk much myself. So I’ll spend hours a week listening to the conversations of others, learning new things about topics from sea turtles to new Urban Dictionary slang words (rarely incorporated into my vocabulary, but always interesting to hear

How to Research Your Next Contract Location

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Maybe you’ve had this happen during a vacation. You’re excited to experience a new place. You’ve heard about the views or the nightlife or the culture. You have a general idea of what you’ll do to enjoy the area once you arrive. And you’ve booked a place to stay. Awesome! And then you get there

Physical Therapy Compact: 13 States and Growing

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It’s been a good year for the Physical Therapy Compact. New states have enacted legislation and the list of member states actively issuing and accepting compact privileges continues to grow. What an exciting time to be a physical therapist or physical therapist assistant interested in a travel career. The PT Compact has dramatically reduced the

Stacy G., Travel OT

Travel Therapy

What started you on the path to your occupational therapy degree? I was born with a bone disease in one leg. I spent years in and out of the hospital and worked with some terrific therapists. I wanted to make a difference in other people’s lives the way those therapists helped me.

Adaptability Can Lead to Better Experiences

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If adaptability is innately one of your skills, you’re probably well-suited for a travel career. If it’s something you have to work for, we’ve got two good reasons for making that extra effort. “Action and adaptability create opportunity.” – Garrison Wynn

Rebecca H., Traveling COTA

Travel Therapy

What attracted you to a travel therapy career? I wanted to do something in my career that is challenging, interesting and makes a difference. You deal with many different aspects, and I enjoy the routine. Dealing with different families and helping them through a difficult time is a good feeling.

Stay on Track to Avoid Late Starts

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Procrastination is no one’s friend. You probably know a fellow traveler who has had plans change due to a missed urine test or delayed response to a phone interview call-back. Avoid those and other procrastination mistakes with these three quick tips to stay on schedule for your first, or next, travel assignment. ASK QUESTIONS For