Self-Care Into the New Year

As the COVID-19 vaccinations start this week, we can see the beginning of light as we near the end of this year—and hopefully soon, the end of this pandemic. There is optimism, but also the reality that many of us (especially frontline healthcare workers) had an incredibly tough year. Along with that optimism, we’re likely taking some other emotions and feelings with us into 2021 as well.

Americans’ mental health state took a hit this year, it’s true. Fortunately, healthcare associations and companies stepped up to talk over the past months about this and offer reminders and resources of all the ways we can stay well. One such resource is the American Nurses Association’s helpful list of ways to reduce stress and practice wellness, from gratitude practices to exercise to meditation. Full of other mental health support resources, too, it’s a solid list to keep handy.

For Cariant travelers, help is available 24/7 to talk about stress, anxiety, grief and other personal issues with Licensed Professional Counselors through our Employee Assistant Program (EAP). The EAP is a confidential, short-term counseling option available for all eligible Cariant employees, their spouses or domestic partners, dependent children, parents and parents-in-law.

Working in the right amount of self-care may be hard to remember when there are so many others to care for during this time. But let’s not forget to tend to our health and find moments of peace and joyduring the holidays and beyond. Take care these last weeks of 2020 and consider writing down some self-care New Year Resolutions to start 2021 off right.

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