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Why Cariant Recruiters Love First-Time Travelers

Does working as a travel nurse or allied health professional seem like an enticing way to add some adventure to your life? As we all search for our “new normal” after the pandemic, travel contracts might just be what you need.

Cariant Health Partners offers the easy choice when deciding to become a traveling healthcare professional for the first time. We represent a welcoming boutique travel agency experienced in placing nurses, therapists and other allied health professionals in 13-week contracts all around the United States.

Cariant Takes Care of Travel Newbies

Our smaller size allows us to prioritize relationships. Our Devoted Recruiters foster awesome friendships with our travelers, and they stay focused on educating travel newbies on the A to Z’s of finding and signing a contract. Their priority is to help you feel heard and supported as you begin your travel adventure. How do we do it?

  • Our experienced recruiters work with smaller numbers of travelers than at larger agencies.
  • Each traveler works with one recruiter, regardless of where in the United States you want to travel—no bouncing from recruiter to recruiter.
  • Better communication, faster problem-solving and customized contracts ensure success—even in your first travel assignment.
  • Our recruiters love being mentors and take pride in helping you become a seasoned travel pro.

“Over the past year, Tony has been very helpful, prompt, and accommodating to my needs as a therapist. He has a wonderful sense of humor, excellent work ethic, and has always been very upfront with the details regarding the assignment I have been submitted to. Also, when things have not gone as planned with licensing, housing, and contracts terminating before their due date, he has always been able to help me along the way. I would recommend him to any new therapist who is looking for a friendly and reliable source as a traveler.”Kimberly W., PT

We Offer Premium Support for Recent Therapy Graduates

Considering traveling for your first job out of school? Our recruiters remain specially trained to teach you all about becoming a traveler. While nurses typically need one to two years of work experience before taking to the road, recent therapy graduates can look to travel to quickly expand their clinical knowledge. We love helping new therapists start their careers and experience a variety of clinical settings and patient demographics. We also support new therapy graduates in other ways:

  • $1,500 New Grad Bonus available for qualifying OTs, PTs and SLPs
  • Up to $400 per calendar year reimbursed for continuing education requirements
  • Mentorship by specialized Clinical Mentors to offer advice, guidance and reassurance along your journey

We Offer Continuous Support and Education

With 20 years in the industry, we’re experienced enough forecast industry trends, foresee job opportunities and advocate for our travelers. We offer:

  • Help sorting through different state licensing requirements, credentialing and necessary certifications.
  • Work experience in various clinical settings, building your resume and professional expertise.
  • A Devoted Recruiter who provides expert advice on the industry, housing, benefits and more.

COVID-Related Changes Make a Travel Healthcare Job More Attractive Now More Than Ever

The pandemic changed the healthcare industry in so many ways. Cariant’s predictions for Travel Healthcare changes in 2021 offer good news for those of you considering a switch to travel:

  • More seasoned nurses and therapists will leave full-time careers to explore travel postings for the first time.
  • Continued localized increases in travel job openings with regional surges of COVID-19 cases.
  • Increased numbers of home health and case management positions will become available.
  • A recovery in the volume of postings for therapists for post-COVID-19 or post-surgical patients.
  • With more jobs in other industries becoming remote, friends, spouses and loved ones may be better able to travel with you on your next assignment. They can work from anywhere, so they might appreciate a change in scenery, too!

Whether a veteran nurse or a recent therapy graduate, you have come to the right agency if you’re looking to start a travel career. We’ll put your best interests at heart. We can’t wait to help you feel right at home in your first travel assignment!

Ready to go? Check out our current openings or get in touch with a Devoted Recruiter.