Travelers Have Options for Housing

Most travelers will need to find a place to hang their hat while on assignment. The good news is that there are a lot of options and housing ads out there.


With a little social media research, you can find rooms for rent, as well as learn from other healthcare professionals’ housing-related tips and experiences. Here are six Facebook groups to aid in your housing search.


Short-term rentals and apartments are great options and may offer month-to-month leases and furnishings. These are just a few of the housing websites travelers can use to locate housing near a facility and out into the surrounding areas.


Extended stay hotel chains may have pet-friendly policies, free WiFi and other beneficial perks, like a fully-equipped kitchen (less for you to pack!). With additional amenities like gym and laundry access, they are worth checking out and negotiating a fair rate. With COVID-19’s impact on the hotel industry, some may offer more flexible cancellation policies and rates.

Spending a little time comparing your options will help you decide on safe, affordable housing. You’re only there for 13 weeks, but choosing a temporary residence will continue to be an important decision for each contract.

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