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Have Pet, Will Travel

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Whether furry, feathered or scaled, pets fill our homes with love—no matter how often we change contracts. Pets of all kinds can be great companions for travel healthcare newbies and pros. And pets of any variety will benefit from these suggestions. Follow our tips below to make moving with your little companion less stressful for everyone. Plan

Self-Care Into the New Year

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As the COVID-19 vaccinations start this week, we can see the beginning of light as we near the end of this year—and hopefully soon, the end of this pandemic. There is optimism, but also the reality that many of us (especially frontline healthcare workers) had an incredibly tough year. Along with that optimism, we’re likely

Travel Therapist Life

Travel Therapy

We’re lucky to have relationships with travelers that span years, not just 13 weeks. That’s part of what we enjoy so much about this industry! The longer we work with our therapists and nurses, the better we can meet their needs and support them on their travel journey. One such traveler is Candace S., SLP.

Travelers Have Options for Housing


Most travelers will need to find a place to hang their hat while on assignment. The good news is that there are a lot of options and housing ads out there.

Answering your COVID FAQs

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This is still new. And we’ve all got questions. Our tenured recruiters offer advice for these new FAQs: Will I have to treat COVID patients? We understand this has been a struggle for some travelers. Recruiter Lisa Willert makes it a point


Cariant Team • Travel Nursing • Travel Therapy

Cariant Health Partners has been named a Best Travel Nursing Company by BluePipes. Each year, BluePipes combs through review data from multiple review sites for more than 300 travel nursing companies to find the top 20 in the industry. We’re thrilled to be included in this year’s rankings.

Find a Great Recruiter

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The relationship with your recruiter can make or break your travel experience. It has always been important to vet your recruiter choice and pick someone who you connect with on some level. Someone who is knowledgeable and also interested in building a strong professional relationship that will last longer than a single 13-week contract.

COVID-19 Updates and Resources

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COVID-19 Updates Cariant travelers who are required by the facility to quarantine will be paid wages and stipends for up to two weeks. We know some of your situations are stressful. We are here for you. Cariant Leadership is communicating directly with our teams and travelers as changes arise. Travelers, check in with your recruiter

Supply and Demand: Here’s What We’re Seeing Now

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It’s been a whirlwind past two months. How the pandemic affects healthcare professionals and our industry will be in flux for a while yet. Here is what we’re seeing now that is (for the most part) across the board.

Finding Balance During Challenging Times

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“We are all in this together” “amid” the “social distancing” “pandemic” that is COVID-19. The buzz words are all around us. And arguably it would be near impossible to find one person globally that has not been affected in some manner by the coronavirus.