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Pay Transparency

We work hard at Cariant to build a solid and long-lasting relationship with each of our travelers. It is something we take very seriously, and as with any other relationship, the foundation is based on trust. If you have been on our website recently you may have noticed that we are now posting the pay packages for most of the jobs listed. We are more transparent than ever before and this component is one more way we set ourselves apart from other companies in this industry!

As a traveler, you probably scroll through thousands of jobs to find the one that is perfect for you. You will often find that multiple companies post the same job, but the posted pay is different from one to the next. Because of each traveler’s unique situation, pay rates and packages can vary from person to person and contract to contract, even at the same facility.

When a facility posts a job, it will be posted with a set bill rate. The agency then works to determine the pay package from that information. If there is a VMS or MSP in place, our company will be charged a fee by them. That percentage comes directly off the top, which means we have a lower bill rate to work with from the start. The bill rate is also greatly influenced by supply and demand and can change quickly. If the job goes unfilled, the facility continues to increase that rate until they can get someone hired. When demand decreases for a job, the bill rate is lowered. A facility can change the bill rate at any time, but we are seeing far less rate drops after start dates than we were a few months ago. Many times, we are also unable to bill for the first 8-40 hours to cover orientation. A few other variables that determine how a pay package is structured include the length of the contract, what shift the traveler is working, the start date, mileage, reimbursements and benefits.

With all of these variables in place, why would we want to post the pay packages on our website? It’s simple really—because we work for you. We want to arm our travelers with as much information as possible upfront to help you make the best decisions for your travel career. This will give you an opportunity to compare pay packages along with all of the additional benefits we have to offer, including HSA match, remaining insured for 30 days between contracts, sick days, retention rewards, referral bonuses and having ONE dedicated recruiter that is also your account manager throughout your travel career. For us, the benefits to providing this level of transparency are endless, and we are happy to do it for you. Always remember, the number we have listed is pulled from the client and their technology, so if you see pay that is crazy high or really low, please check with your recruiter!