Street with the word 'Explore' written on the concrete.

Travel Like a Local

One of the best things about travel healthcare is the opportunity to be a local rather than a tourist. You get to experience and appreciate the unique culture that comes with each placement. Living a few months in any one place will help you decide where you would like to revisit or even retire. If you have just started your placement and want to fully immerse yourself as a local, check out some of our suggestions below!


    • Start with social media: Facebook groups can be helpful to find housing, up-and-coming attractions, new restaurants to try, or even the farmer’s market. See if there are YouTube videos of the area; it can help give you a feel for the town you will be living or working in.
    • Research: More than likely there will be cultural festivals, seasonal markets, or even live music at local bars over the next few months. Each city and town kind of has their own persona with unique experiences. Google may show attractions and restaurants within the town or county you are placed in.
    • Embrace Foodie Culture: Depending on your placement, there may be regional specific cuisines such as Armadillo Eggs in Texas, Étouffée in Louisiana, or Wall-Eye Bites in Minnesota. Even fast-food chains may only be available in certain areas. Try Animal-Style Burgers at In-N-Out on the West Coast, or Cheese Curds from Culver’s in the Midwest. You may enjoy regional alcohols as well, such as Kentucky Bourbons, or Napa Valley Wines.
    • Ask Around: As a conversation starter, ask what people are doing on their time off. The best gems in each area are revealed at lunch with your co-workers. Even friendly grocery store clerks can give suggestions or course correct you to the best pumpkin patch in the area.
    • Consider the Seasons: Some placements may be near national parks, winter resorts, or beaches. Depending on your interests and hobbies, you may find the perfect picnic park, the best snowshoe trail, or a good fishing hole. Your placement may be home to a league sport, such as college football or minor league baseball. Who knows, you may even find you love minor league ice-hockey after a winter placement!
    • Budget: If you are waiting for your first paycheck, there are plenty of free or low-cost options. Walking parks, biking trails, waterfall hikes, and overlooks can be great ways to start your placement without breaking the bank. There are often free or discount days for museums, arboretums, or even zoos.
    • Pictures, or it didn’t happen: Finally, document the best parts of your placement. Did you try a cuisine for the first time? Did you make friends? Did you experience something you would have never been able to otherwise? Take photos or even videos to look back on and remember the highlights of your travel journey.


Always remember to take advantage of your placement. Each placement averages 13 weeks, or just over 3 months. Even if you find one new hiking trail, try one new food, or attend one sports game a week, that can add up to 13 experiences that can make you feel like you truly live in your placement.


Written by Michelle Graham