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How to Keep Traveling Post-PDPM

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That the travel therapy industry goes through ups and downs is a fact. The implementation of the Patient-Driven Payment Model (PDPM) did impact the number of jobs available in total as well as the mix of opportunities among the therapy disciplines. While we all await the swing back to the other side of the pendulum

Even more questions to ask a travel recruiter

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After your initial phone call with a recruiter, you’ve probably gotten a good idea of their personality and conversation style. And hopefully a sense of their industry knowledge and how likely they are to help meet your travel goals. As you have more conversations and work toward a job submission and signing a contract, take

Travel Nurse Interview: Kevin and Jodie

Travel Nursing

Married, working in the same profession, and enjoying a nomadic lifestyle? It happens! Travel RNs Kevin and Jodie give us a quick look at their path to travel and what their experience is like together on the road. How did you meet? J: We graduated from high school together, but we didn’t start dating until

Hot Travel Therapy Locations for Summer

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Where will you work this summer? There are a lot of places in the country that make for a beautiful season. Consider these three locations: Anchorage, Alaska Travelers who start an Alaskan contract in early June can enjoy both the Summer Solstice Festival in Anchorage and six to eight weeks of longer daylight.

Reasons Travelers Like Washington State

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Washington State is a favorite destination for traveling healthcare professionals and for good reasons. The scenery is surprisingly diverse. Contracts are usually plentiful. And it makes for beautiful Instagram posts. You’ll want photo keepsakes of this place.

Great Fall to Winter Contract Locations

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Not sure where to travel next? These locations make for a great fall and winter combo experience. Western/Central Colorado

How to Select a Travel Staffing Company

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A handy checklist for your travel staffing company search:

Hot Travel Therapy Locations for Spring

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Where will you be this March/April? There are a lot of places in the country that make for a beautiful spring season. Consider these three locations: Washington, DC With a surplus of year-round attractions to visit in Washington, DC, one could certainly use 13 weeks to take in all that our country’s capital has to

The Best Travel Nursing Company For You

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Finding the best travel nursing company for you is no small task. You should interview recruiters, understand what motivates you as a traveler, and know what “fluff” to take with a grain of salt and what deserves extra analysis.

The Perks of Off-Season Travel Locations

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As you end your summer travel contract, consider your next location carefully. September start date contracts could land you in less desirable weather as November begins and potentially less-enjoyable situations if you extend an additional 13 weeks through the winter. This, it turns out, isn’t that bad of a plan! Before you migrate south for