Best Travel Nursing Companies

Cariant Named Among 2022 Best Travel Nursing Companies

The travel nurses have spoken and we are happy to announce Cariant was recently named one of the “Best Travel Nursing Companies” for 2022! This honor comes from BluePipes, a trusted resource for healthcare professionals everywhere. We placed #12 on this year’s list, which is no small feat for a company of our size. This is our second time on the list and we are extremely proud of this accomplishment.
Although you can find the full rankings and BluePipes’ full methodology on their site, the platform compiled travel nurse agency reviews from Google, Glassdoor, Indeed, Facebook, Travel Nursing Central and Highway Hypodermics. They use each company’s aggregate average score as a basis for their annual travel nursing company ranking. We are especially proud of this honor because it came from traveler reviews. Our goal is to support travel nurses and travel allied professionals as they build the career of their dreams. When our travelers are happy, we are happy! Here are a few reasons we think our travelers left us such great reviews.


As we continue to grow as a company, we are able to offer a variety of jobs for our travelers to choose from. We have thousands of travel nursing jobs available at facilities in all 50 states. This variety allows travelers the ability to look around a bit and find the perfect fit for them at a facility that also sees the traveler as a good fit. We want every assignment to be successful for both the traveler and the facility.


We don’t like to brag, but when it comes to our recruiters we think they are the best! We know every company says that, but our Great Recruiters’ page speaks for itself. We rank higher in every category than the agency average, and 95% of our travelers would highly recommend us. We rank above the agency average in being genuine, responsive, experienced, an advisor and transparent. Our recruiters know their stuff and they focus on building true relationships with each and every one of our travelers. They also work with a smaller number of travelers, so they’re able to give them the attention they deserve—better communication, faster responses and more customization of contracts. Our travelers are listened to and checked-in with often to make sure everything is going well—in life and at work. This level of commitment and service is what helps our travelers feel comfortable continuing their recruiter-traveler relationships year after year. We’re in it for more than just 13 weeks.
We have only scratched the surface on the reasons that led to Cariant making the 2022 “Best Travel Nursing Companies” list. Thank you to every one of our travelers who helped make this achievement possible. We cannot wait to prove to you over and over as to why we deserve to be a part of this list now and again in the future.