White background with confetti and text stating 'Top Rated Healthcare Staffing for the first half of 2022'.

Cariant Named a Great Recruiters Top Healthcare Staffing Firm

We aren’t usually the boastful type, but after winning two awards in two months, we are pretty proud of ourselves! Last month, we announced Cariant had placed #12 on the BluePipes Best Travel Nursing Companies 2022 list, which is no small feat for a company of our size. And THIS month, we made the Great Recruiters List of Top Healthcare Staffing Firms for the first half of 2022!
Great Recruiters is a leading experience and reputation management platform specifically designed for recruiting and staffing organizations. It was founded in 2017 with a simple mission to increase trust and transparency in the recruitment industry. Great Recruiters provide its clients with a simple and meaningful way to capture, act-upon, measure, and promote real-time feedback from those they serve. They believe it is imperative to help job seekers find and identify great recruiters and staffing companies that can help serve their needs.
This year, Great Recruiters narrowed their List of Top Healthcare Firms by looking for staffing firms that provide exceptional candidate and client experiences, proactively seek feedback throughout the whole process, and take both positive and negative feedback to heart. They looked for firms that exhibited the following characteristics:

  • Prioritized candidate and client experience across the organization
  • Instituted practices to measure and analyze the candidate experience
  • Improved organizational efficiency through automation and real-time insights
  • Elevated their brand and online reputation

Cariant currently has an overall 4.88-star rating compared to other agencies that average a 4.7-star rating overall. We also rank above the agency average in being genuine, responsive, experienced, an advisor and transparent. On top of that, 95% of our travelers would highly recommend us and their recruiter to their colleagues. We’re proud of this evidence of our dedication to building strong relationships with our travelers and being committed to their success. As a healthcare provider-owned company that understands and works with caregivers, we go the extra mile to tend to our travelers’ needs and exceed their expectations.