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Cariant Spotify: Positive Vibes Only

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If there’s one thing that gets our team through the day, it’s usually a little music. And with the constantly changing COVID-19 situation, a lot of positivity. We think that’s something that resonates with a lot of us right now, so we dusted off the ol’ Cariant Spotify to share some of the songs we’ve

Waiting for an Empty Nest Before Traveling?

Travel Nursing

Some nurses wait for a specific moment to begin traveling. For that right time when they can embrace their independence, knowing that the people in their lives who they have cared for are now equally independent. If you’re already living life as an “empty nester,” or coming soon upon that time, there are a few

5 Years and 5 Questions With Nursing Recruiter Becky Sullivan

Cariant Team • Travel Nursing

You’ve been recruiting nurses at Cariant Health Partners for five years now. What do those relationships mean to you, that you’ve cultivated over the past few years? The relationships to me are family. They are people who continually work for me. They represent Cariant in the best way because they understand how we started and

State of the Compacts

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Last year included many advances for patient access to therapy and nursing services thanks to compact licensure. Just a few days into 2020 and more states are joining the push for healthcare provider mobility. Here’s a look at the current compact agreements:

Three Things to Increase Your Chances of Getting a Travel Nurse Contract

Travel Nursing

RECENT EXPERIENCE The best thing you can do is only ask your recruiter to submit you to travel contracts for which you are the most qualified. That means sticking to the specialty you’ve been working in most recently. Facilities looking to bring on travel nurses want them to be ready to “hit the ground running.”

Is that Job a Traveler Only Job?

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Our recruiters help healthcare professionals work in temporary travel contracts all across the country. One of the most common questions our recruiters receive from applicants is why the hiring facility is looking to fill the position with someone from out of state, as opposed to a local clinician.

Perspective is Everything

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Former travel therapist Laura Gregory, COTA recently joined Cariant’s therapy recruiting division. As a healthcare practitioner, we are excited about the clinical perspective Laura brings to our team. And as a world traveler, we are excited for the connection we know she will build with our wanderlust therapists. Having settled into her recruiting role, Laura

How to Keep Traveling Post-PDPM

Travel Therapy

That the travel therapy industry goes through ups and downs is a fact. The implementation of the Patient-Driven Payment Model (PDPM) did impact the number of jobs available in total as well as the mix of opportunities among the therapy disciplines. While we all await the swing back to the other side of the pendulum

Cariant Health Partners Awarded Health Care Staffing Services Certification from The Joint Commission 10th Year in a Row

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Cariant Health Partners has earned The Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval® for Health Care Staffing Services Certification by demonstrating continuous compliance with its performance standards. The Gold Seal is a symbol of quality that reflects a health care organization’s commitment to providing safe and quality patient care.

Traveler Tips: Resumes

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My recruiter asked me to send in my resume. What information should I include? Recruiters take the information provided on your resume and use it to populate your candidate profile, so the resume format isn’t especially important. It’s providing complete information that is most helpful. At a minimum, we recommend providing the following information on