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Remember These Three Things

Travel Therapy

The upsides to travel therapy may have you caught up in the excitement of securing your first travel contract. But first, consider these three things before you pack your bags and hit the road. Ask about the cancellation notice Cariant enters into contracts with both the client the traveler, which may be cancelled by any

Customization is the difference

Travel Therapy

Whether you’re just starting your therapy career or you’re a seasoned veteran considering a travel job, finding the job that best fits YOU is what’s most important. At Cariant Health Partners, we call this customization. The definition of customization is “to build, fit, or alter according to individual specifications.” I’m sure you have heard the

Housing Resources


Depending on what area of the country you are traveling to, you might find a wider range of housing options besides apartments and long-term stay units. Look for all-season cabin rentals, RV parks or call around to local realtors. Many realty companies offer rentals, sometimes unadvertised, and are an excellent traveler resource since realtors are

Supply and Demand: Here’s What We’re Seeing Now

Travel Nursing • Travel Therapy

It’s been a whirlwind past two months. How the pandemic affects healthcare professionals and our industry will be in flux for a while yet. Here is what we’re seeing now that is (for the most part) across the board.

Self-Care Into the New Year

Travel Nursing • Travel Therapy

As the COVID-19 vaccinations start this week, we can see the beginning of light as we near the end of this year—and hopefully soon, the end of this pandemic. There is optimism, but also the reality that many of us (especially frontline healthcare workers) had an incredibly tough year. Along with that optimism, we’re likely

COVID-19 Updates and Resources

Travel Nursing • Travel Therapy

COVID-19 Updates Cariant travelers who are required by the facility to quarantine will be paid wages and stipends for up to two weeks. We know some of your situations are stressful. We are here for you. Cariant Leadership is communicating directly with our teams and travelers as changes arise. Travelers, check in with your recruiter

The scary truth about ghosting in healthcare recruiting


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Ghosting is a term typically associated with dating and personal relationships and is becoming more prevalent in the healthcare industry as well. But what exactly is it and why is it a problem for you? Ghosting in healthcare recruiting refers to when a healthcare professional who has been in communication with a staffing agency or

Recruiter-Traveler Relationships

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We know the relationship with your recruiter is one of the more important parts of a successful travel career. At Cariant, you work with one recruiter regardless of where in the U.S. you want to travel. The longer you travel with us the stronger your relationship with your recruiter becomes. They are your advocates on

Adaptability Can Lead to Better Experiences

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If adaptability is innately one of your skills, you’re probably well-suited for a travel career. If it’s something you have to work for, we’ve got two good reasons for making that extra effort. “Action and adaptability create opportunity.” – Garrison Wynn

Physical Therapy Compact: 13 States and Growing

Travel Therapy

It’s been a good year for the Physical Therapy Compact. New states have enacted legislation and the list of member states actively issuing and accepting compact privileges continues to grow. What an exciting time to be a physical therapist or physical therapist assistant interested in a travel career. The PT Compact has dramatically reduced the