Show Me The Money

Two of the biggest benefits that travel healthcare professionals can take advantage of are the housing stipend and per diems. These are paid to travelers as tax deferments or tax-free money. Housing Stipends are to cover your housing costs while on assignment and per diems are to cover incidentals, such as food, gas and other

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Housing Resources

Depending on what area of the country you are traveling to, you might find a wider range of housing options besides apartments and long-term stay units. Look for all-season cabin rentals, RV parks or call around to local realtors. Many realty companies offer rentals, sometimes unadvertised, and are an excellent traveler resource since realtors are


Travelers Have Options for Housing

Most travelers will need to find a place to hang their hat while on assignment. The good news is that there are a lot of options and housing ads out there.


Tips and Tricks for Travel Housing

One of the things that can make or break a contract is finding housing. It is something we see time and time again. We can find you the perfect travel job, but without a place to stay, the perfect job won’t matter. As a traveler, what do you need to do to find the right

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Housing: To Book or Not to Book

Housing is a major financial consideration for each travel contract. There are essentially two options for setting up housing: Book Your Own Housing If you prefer to handle the booking and financials of your own housing, you will accept what is known as a tax-free housing stipend, assuming you meet the qualifications. This gets paid


The Perks of Off-Season Travel Locations

As you end your summer travel contract, consider your next location carefully. September start date contracts could land you in less desirable weather as November begins and potentially less-enjoyable situations if you extend an additional 13 weeks through the winter. This, it turns out, isn’t that bad of a plan! Before you migrate south for

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Ask These Questions Before Finalizing Your Housing

Temporary housing is one of the more important things to line up before starting a travel assignment. Here are some things to keep in mind when deciding on a temporary residence. As an overall rule, always explain who you are and why you require short-term housing. Explaining that you are a medical professional coming to


Surviving Bad Assignments

First, are there bad assignments in travel therapy?  Yes.  Like every other type of employment setting, some jobs are better than others. The first thing to remember on a travel assignment is that it’s only 13 weeks. It’s not like a permanent position where you are looking at possibly being stuck in a bad situation

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The RV – Another Housing Option

So you have locked in that travel assignment. The pay is good, the location is right, and now the hunt for suitable housing begins. Rather than stress about housing availability, costs, lease terms and whether they allow your pet, maybe consider another option—the recreational vehicle. An RV or travel trailer, especially if you plan on