The Perks of Off-Season Travel Locations

As you end your summer travel contract, consider your next location carefully. September start date contracts could land you in less desirable weather as November begins and potentially less-enjoyable situations if you extend an additional 13 weeks through the winter. This, it turns out, isn’t that bad of a plan!

Before you migrate south for the winter, consider these perks to taking a northern contract.


We see definite patterns in location requests throughout the year. In winter, most people want to stay somewhere moderate to warm in climate, so they can continue to enjoy the outdoors as take in the sights of their temporary home. This is great for salary negotiations for those who head in the opposite direction. When you’re the only therapist submitted to an open contract, your recruiter will have more negotiating power for your hourly rate.

Travel therapists normally take home generous weekly paychecks because the facilities are already in desperate need of your services. Seasonal variations and northern (and even better, northern and remote) locations can contribute to even higher take home pay.


Your contract is also less likely to be cancelled in these areas in this time of year. Permanent job seekers who would fill a traveler need are likely to pause their job search coming into and during the holiday season. In winter seasons and less-desirable locations that take longer to find travelers, the facility won’t further hurt their scheduling needs when permanent staff are preparing for holiday vacations and time off.


During the off-season, rates go down. Travel therapists can pocket more of their tax-free incentive money by finding low-cost lodging, now priced even lower because of the time of year. You won’t find it in areas that are year-round attractions or with apartments. But alternate rental options like and home-owners needing to rent their houses during an off-season will negotiate lower rates to have that income.


While sun-enthusiasts are enjoying over-crowded winter vacation locations you can enjoy wonderful outdoor activities like skiing, snowboarding, ice fishing, sledding, and ice skating! And, our favorite bonus, Cariant t-shirt snow angels (try it!).