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Reasons Travelers Like Washington State

Washington State is a favorite destination for traveling healthcare professionals and for good reasons. The scenery is surprisingly diverse. Contracts are usually plentiful. And it makes for beautiful Instagram posts. You’ll want photo keepsakes of this place. Read more »

Staying Healthy on the Road

Any traveler trying to live a healthier lifestyle through the application of exercise knows the struggle of being on the road and needing to “hit the gym.” Traveling healthcare professionals may not have the luxury of living in a building with its own gym, or working in a town big enough to have a 24-hour fitness center. So, when gym access is not an option what can be done to meet your fitness goals?

I was a certified personal trainer for five years through the International Sports Sciences Association and the National Academy of Sports Medicine. I learned a lot about the body and Read more »

Great Things About the Great Plains States

Wide-open spaces. Small-town charm. Arts and culture. The 10 states (Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota, Oklahoma, Texas, Wyoming and Colorado) that make up the Great Plains are incredibly diverse. Experience this unique area of the U.S. when you take a travel therapy or travel nursing contract in one of these states. We think it’s pretty great here! Read more »

Our Favorite Inspirational Quotes for Travelers

There is no shortage of quotes that inspire a desire to see more of the world. We even have a few (hundred) on our Pinterest board. These travel inspiration quotes rank among our favorites:

“Live, travel, adventure, bless and don’t be sorry.” – Jack Kerouac

_life-is-eithera-daringadventureor-nothing-_-helen-keller1 Read more »

5 National Parks That are Fun to Visit in Winter

There are so many National Parks it’s nearly impossible to pick a bad time of year to visit them. Except maybe winter. When the weather changes or extreme weather occurs, some park areas close to visitors. Luckily, there are National Parks in warmer climates worth exploring this time of year. Read more »

Don’t Wait. For Travel, For Anything.

2016 has been one roller coaster of a year. Or do we just feel steamrolled by it?

As I eagerly await the new year and reflect on 2016, the major theme that appears to me (and many others on social media) is that we don’t always have the luxury to wait. Not for things we want to say, see or accomplish. Read more »

Tax Season For Travelers

Someone in a foam Statue of Liberty costume has begun waving at passersby from the sidewalk. A sign spinner in a neon-pink gorilla suit distracts drivers near a busy intersection over the lunch hour. All signs point to tax season.

Traveling has its perks, like tax-free incentives, but the traveling situation gets a little complicated come tax time. At Cariant, we recommend visiting with a licensed tax professional before filing your taxes. Tax professionals will be up-to-date on any rule changes, and can help you navigate the intricate rules for your “tax home” and travel expenses. Read more »