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The Tax Home 50-Mile Myth

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A question we often hear is, “How far away from home should my assignment be in order to qualify for the tax-free housing stipend?“ Tax-free stipends are only available if 1) you have a permanent tax home and 2) you are working far enough away from your tax home that you need to get a

Recruiter-Traveler Relationships

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We know the relationship with your recruiter is one of the more important parts of a successful travel career. At Cariant, you work with one recruiter regardless of where in the U.S. you want to travel. The longer you travel with us the stronger your relationship with your recruiter becomes. They are your advocates on

We Need to Talk About Ghosting

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Ghosting, an act we may categorize as something that only happens when “retiring” personal relationships, has shifted to the professional space as an employment trend. It’s on the minds of many HR and recruiting professionals. And unfortunately, it’s on our radar as well. Culturally acceptable it may be to “ghost” an individual to end a

A Travel Therapy IRONMAN Experience

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Our travelers do a lot of cool things. Completing triathlon goals in every state, running Disney marathons and climbing 14ers to name a few. We recently learned all about IRONMAN triathlons thanks to travel therapist Joe R., PT. He worked a Wisconsin travel contract while training hours a day for the 2018 IRONMAN Wisconsin. Recruiter

How to Make Bad Assignments Better

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We hope our travelers never experience a truly “bad” assignment. However, we know the experience of “first days” does vary from stellar to let’s say… forgetful. Don’t take it personally if you expected a parade on your first day and were instead met with crickets. If the mood doesn’t improve, focus on what you can

Change is the Only Constant in this Industry

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Our industry is constantly changing. Things travelers considered guaranteed are actually fluctuating as if on a wave or pendulum. Last year’s trends are not the same today. Markets change and travel healthcare is a supply-and-demand industry.

3 Things We Love About Traveling Healthcare Professionals

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We think our group of traveling healthcare professionals is pretty great. Probably because we often find them among the categories below: Travelers Who Go Above and Beyond We celebrate internally with monthly Cariant Kudos, recognizing team members and travelers for kind acts or achievements. Inevitably, the words “went above and beyond” are included more than

Even more questions to ask a travel recruiter

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After your initial phone call with a recruiter, you’ve probably gotten a good idea of their personality and conversation style. And hopefully a sense of their industry knowledge and how likely they are to help meet your travel goals. As you have more conversations and work toward a job submission and signing a contract, take

Embracing Minimalism

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In the fall of 2014, shortly after my graduation from physical therapy school in May, I found myself driving across the country to begin my first travel assignment. Until I began packing up the car for my trip from New York to Kansas, I never realized how much “stuff” I owned. Over the past four

It’s Starting: PTLC News

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You’ve been waiting for this. The Physical Therapy Licensure Compact (PTLC) is about to be operational in some participating states. On July 9, 2018, physical therapists and physical therapist assistants in Missouri, North Dakota and Tennessee can apply for compact privileges. How it will work While there are currently 21 states that have embraced the