Finding Balance During Challenging Times

“We are all in this together” “amid” the “social distancing” “pandemic” that is COVID-19. The buzz words are all around us. And arguably it would be near impossible to find one person globally that has not been affected in some manner by the coronavirus.

Our children will “remember when” as they share stories of school closures, alternative learning, stoppage of all extracurricular activities, abundant amount of “quality time” with parents, and general anxiety of the unknown, similar to how we share our memories of the JFK and MLK assassinations, HIV epidemic, Challenger explosion and 9/11.

Yet one thing is becoming clear. This time seems a lot different. While we are sharing some commonality, we all have our own unique situations, stressors, fears and obstacles to overcome. We also cannot ignore the unique challenges we face as healthcare providers.

Today looks much different than one month ago, and tomorrow will likely bring another obstacle and “new normal.” During times of challenge, we need to recall our past experiences with trials, sorrow or despair, remembering we survived. We made it through. Those challenges provided lessons learned and growth opportunities that we should be tapping into.

Our ability to persevere and move forward all depends on our personal well-being. Our resiliency. Wellness and well-being is much more than physical health. There are actually seven dimensions: physical, emotional, intellectual, social, spiritual, environmental and occupational.

Even if you think you are managing through this strange time, I encourage you to read the information in the below two resources. There are excellent tips and strategies to maintain a balanced, quality life. Learn how to apply them to your unique situation and take the opportunity to pass on to others, specifically your patients—they too have their own challenges.

APTA: Staying Resilient in a Time of Crisis

AOTA: Practitioner Well-Being Resources


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