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Surviving Bad Assignments

Housing • Travel Therapy

First, are there bad assignments in travel therapy?  Yes.  Like every other type of employment setting, some jobs are better than others. The first thing to remember on a travel assignment is that it’s only 13 weeks. It’s not like a permanent position where you are looking at possibly being stuck in a bad situation

The RV – Another Housing Option


So you have locked in that travel assignment. The pay is good, the location is right, and now the hunt for suitable housing begins. Rather than stress about housing availability, costs, lease terms and whether they allow your pet, maybe consider another option—the recreational vehicle. An RV or travel trailer, especially if you plan on

Customization is the difference

Travel Therapy

Whether you’re just starting your therapy career or you’re a seasoned veteran considering a travel job, finding the job that best fits YOU is what’s most important. At Cariant Health Partners, we call this customization. The definition of customization is “to build, fit, or alter according to individual specifications.” I’m sure you have heard the