JCAHO Certified . . . so what?

One of the “touted” terms that show up on recruiting websites, facility websites and other marketing venues is the term “JCAHO” certified. Starting in 2004, JCAHO created a certification specifically for Staffing Agencies. Sounds impressive but what does it mean to you, the traveler?

The certification is not cheap and it is a lengthy detailed process the agency goes through. If they are awarded the distinction, they are audited on a yearly basis without any notification.

So why work with a Staffing Company that is JCAHO Certified?

1)     More jobs for you. Since more and more facilities and Vendor Management Companies are requiring JCAHO Certification, there are a number of companies that won’t have access to facilities that require it, if they do not hold the certificate.

2)     You will have all of your credentialing done prior to the first assignment, which paves the way for getting booked quickly for future jobs. You have to complete a number of tests, forms and healthcare requirements initially, however, once that is done, there are only a few items that are required on an annual basis. So if you’re submitted for a position with a facility that requires a lot of credentialing, you are already one step ahead of other candidates. A quicker start date many times can make or break the deal.

3)     You’re working with a legitimate company that is committed to you. It’s not cheap to bring on a new traveler. Initial costs, excluding licensure reimbursement, run about $500. The company is putting out a lot up front to get you placed, so the odds of an assignment falling apart are slim. They’ve made a financial investment in you long before you start generating revenue.

4)     Less likelihood of problems down the road. JCAHO companies have to follow a lot of rules and surprise audits. So you can rest assured that they have fully vetted their employees and have completed all of the credentialing required. There won’t be any surprises or delays due to the company not having the required documents on hand for the facilities to review.

5)     More money in your pocket. Being certified can lower the costs of liability insurance and other premiums companies pay which can in turn put more money into your wages.