New Therapy Graduate?

Excited to hit the road? You should be! Not only do travel therapy adventures await but a support network does too. If Cariant is your first employer after graduation, you’re eligible for our mentorship program and other perks.


Meet just a few requirements during your travels with us and you’ll receive a $1,500 New Grad Bonus*. Use it for whatever you like – make a student loan payment, start a savings account, finance weekend activities during your travels, etc.


We’ll match you with a Travel Mentor prior to starting your first assignment. We want you to be comfortable starting your travel therapy career. Your mentor will be an experienced traveler with Cariant and a sound clinician within your own discipline. And after you’ve gotten used to the pace of travel therapy, you’ll have access to Clinical Mentors (PTs, OTs and SLPs with more than 15 years’ experience) for any treatment-related questions.


Cariant reimburses up to $400 per calendar year for any CEU classes once eligibility requirements are met.


With Cariant you’ll work with one recruiter, no matter where you want to travel. Your dedicated recruiter is your main point of contact for as long as you travel with us. They get to know you and your specific needs and wants and are your advocates on the road.


Are you a nursing student or recent nursing graduate? Unlike travel therapy, nurses need a few years of experience under their belt before clients are likely to consider them for travel staffing needs. Two years is best, but you can be submitted for consideration with one year of experience.

* Eligible PTs, OTs and SLPs