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5 Non-Clinical Podcasts For Your Next Adventure

I like listening to people talk. Probably because I’m an introvert, and I don’t like to talk much myself. So I’ll spend hours a week listening to the conversations of others, learning new things about topics from sea turtles to new Urban Dictionary slang words (rarely incorporated into my vocabulary, but always interesting to hear deliberated).

Here are some “just for fun” podcast suggestions to fill the silence on any weekend adventures: Read more »

How to Research Your Next Contract Location

Maybe you’ve had this happen during a vacation. You’re excited to experience a new place. You’ve heard about the views or the nightlife or the culture. You have a general idea of what you’ll do to enjoy the area once you arrive. And you’ve booked a place to stay. Awesome! And then you get there and realize your rental is nowhere near the attractions and restaurants that interest you, or it’s not as big as you expected. And everything around is way more expensive than you had budgeted, and you’re grabbing for credit cards. Not awesome.

The same thing occasionally comes up in healthcare staffing. It’s smart to do basic research on a city before arriving or even before signing a contract. Here’s what to look up: Read more »

Physical Therapy Compact: 13 States and Growing

It’s been a good year for the Physical Therapy Compact. New states have enacted legislation and the list of member states actively issuing and accepting compact privileges continues to grow. What an exciting time to be a physical therapist or physical therapist assistant interested in a travel career.

The PT Compact has dramatically reduced the cost, work and time involved to get travel therapists from one state to another. It takes just a few minutes for eligible therapists to apply for a compact license online! Read more »

Stacy G., Travel OT

What started you on the path to your occupational therapy degree?

I was born with a bone disease in one leg. I spent years in and out of the hospital and worked with some terrific therapists. I wanted to make a difference in other people’s lives the way those therapists helped me.

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Adaptability Can Lead to Better Experiences

If adaptability is innately one of your skills, you’re probably well-suited for a travel career. If it’s something you have to work for, we’ve got two good reasons for making that extra effort.

“Action and adaptability create opportunity.”

– Garrison Wynn

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Stay on Track to Avoid Late Starts

Procrastination is no one’s friend. You probably know a fellow traveler who has had plans change due to a missed urine test or delayed response to a phone interview call-back. Avoid those and other procrastination mistakes with these three quick tips to stay on schedule for your first, or next, travel assignment.


For first-time travelers especially, it can seem like your recruiter is throwing a lot of to-do items your way. Avoid becoming overwhelmed (or worse, late) by Read more »

The Tax Home 50-Mile Myth

A question we often hear is, “How far away from home should my assignment be in order to qualify for the tax-free housing stipend?

Tax-free stipends are only available if 1) you have a permanent tax home and 2) you are working far enough away from your tax home that you need to get a second residence (hotel, apartment, long-term stay, etc.) and 3) are duplicating expenses.  If you go to work and then drive home to sleep at your tax home every night, you do not qualify for the stipend.

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Travel Predictions 2019

Travel healthcare trends ebb and flow and what was law in recent years is never guaranteed to continue. Here’s what to watch this year.


PDPM approaches. We don’t yet know exactly how the Patient Driven Payment Model will impact travel therapy needs. Clients are still learning what it means for their facility and permanent therapy staff. We expect a large number of skilled nursing facilities Read more »

Travel Therapy: Paying Down Student Loan Debt

We hear ya. The joy of graduating with a therapy degree is quickly overshadowed by the student loan debt that follows most graduates into the full-time workplace. Our therapy recruiters get asked a lot of questions about the financial benefits of travel. And there is certainly a financial upside!

Generally, travel therapists make 25 to 40 percent higher pay (thanks to tax-free stipends and urgency for your help and expertise to fill department needs) than in a permanent position. Living within your means and finding the lowest cost housing available during travel assignments all contribute to the bottom line. If you can make the commitment to travel for at least a few years while putting that extra take-home pay towards your principal loan balance, it will help you achieve freedom from student loan debt potentially years sooner than making minimum payments. It’s a success story we’ve been thrilled to see many of our travelers achieve.

If you recently graduated or will graduate soon, Cariant’s therapy recruiters are knowledgeable resources on the financial benefits of travel therapy. You can contact our team to learn more, or take the next step and see what locations are open and get started on your career path to debt-free living.