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Reasons Travelers Like Washington State

Washington State is a favorite destination for traveling healthcare professionals and for good reasons. The scenery is surprisingly diverse. Contracts are usually plentiful. And it makes for beautiful Instagram posts. You’ll want photo keepsakes of this place. Read more »

Housing: To Book or Not to Book

Housing is a major financial consideration for each travel contract. There are essentially two options for setting up housing:

Book Your Own Housing

If you prefer to handle the booking and financials of your own housing, you will accept what is known as a tax-free housing stipend, assuming you meet the qualifications. This gets paid out on each weekly paycheck. As a traveler you are working away from your permanent tax home (far enough that Read more »

A Quick Look at the PT Licensure Compact

On April 25, 2017, the PT Licensure Compact (PTLC) was enacted. For physical therapists and physical therapist assistants whose home state is currently WA, OR, MT, ND, UT, AZ, TX, MO, KY, TN, MS, NC, and NH, they will have the option of compact privilege to work in the other participating states. This will immensely simplify the effort needed for travelers to work in multiple states.
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Any Time is a Good Time to Try Travel Therapy

It’s a well-debated topic regarding travel therapy—what point in your career is the best time for it? We know in reality it comes down to personal choice, but looking at the different travelers we’ve worked with over the past 16 years, we can confidently say that any point in a therapy career can be a good time to try travel therapy.

New Grad Travel Therapy

Cariant specializes in introducing new therapy graduates to the world of travel therapy. Working multiple contracts in a year allows you to gain valuable experience with different settings, sizes of facilities, patient demographics, Read more »

Travel PT Interview: April Fajardo

April Fajardo, PT was no stranger to traveling before she started with Cariant Health Partners. The seven medical mission trips she had been on greatly influenced her decision to become a travel PT. Even now she is busy in Central America, following her passion and taking advantage of the flexibility that travel therapy offers. Before she left we had a chance to ask her a few questions about her travel PT experience, and get her advice for other new therapists considering this career path:

What led you to travel therapy?

With a blink of an eye I went from graduate student to officially unemployed. Ahhhhhhhh!!!! What should I do now? Should I apply for a neuro residency? Should I work full-time or PRN? Should I live in Texas, transfer my license to California, or travel? Where do I even start?

I’m not going to lieI was overwhelmed. Read more »

Documentation to Keep on Hand

The best traveling healthcare professionals are prepared for new contracts and new facilities. Since you’ll need to provide the same information each time you accept a contract and work on getting set up with support staff, it’s a good idea to keep originals and copies of the following documents close by: Read more »

Great Things About the Great Plains States

Wide-open spaces. Small-town charm. Arts and culture. The 10 states (Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota, Oklahoma, Texas, Wyoming and Colorado) that make up the Great Plains are incredibly diverse. Experience this unique area of the U.S. when you take a travel therapy or travel nursing contract in one of these states. We think it’s pretty great here! Read more »

Our Favorite Inspirational Quotes for Travelers

There is no shortage of quotes that inspire a desire to see more of the world. We even have a few (hundred) on our Pinterest board. These travel inspiration quotes rank among our favorites:

“Live, travel, adventure, bless and don’t be sorry.” – Jack Kerouac

_life-is-eithera-daringadventureor-nothing-_-helen-keller1 Read more »

An 11-Year Travel PT Run

Travel therapy, taken one piece at a time, consists of 13-week assignments. Travel therapists are never on the hook for a long-term contract, though many of our travelers stick with us for two or three years. Some therapists love travel so much they make an even longer commitment.

Jackie W., PT and long-time Cariant Health Partners traveler, is retiring to a permanent position after an 11-year run. Jackie traveled for us in a variety of settings, starting off in Washington and then exploring other states including Arizona, New Mexico, Illinois and Colorado.

“This will likely be her last year or two of physical therapy in California before officially retiring,” says her recruiter Tony Marino. “I will always keep the door open should she decide to come out of retirement and pursue yet another travel adventure.”

Jackie’s loyalty will always be remembered by our team. Thank you, Jackie, for representing Cariant for so many years!