New Grads

For New Therapy Graduates

You’ve done all the work. You’ve passed your test. You probably have some loan payments looming. You’re getting bombarded with calls and emails and options.

Now what?

Yes, you’re out on your own but you’re not alone. At Cariant, we specialize in assisting new therapy school graduates in the travel industry. Our recruiters hold your hand (figuratively) throughout the process insuring your travel therapy experience is the best it can be. We also offer a $1,500 New Grad Bonus.

Travel therapy is an ideal option for new therapy graduates* for many reasons:

  • You’re not obligated for the rest of your life. Travel therapy consists of 13-week assignments. You can do one assignment or continue to travel for years. You’re not on the hook for a long-term contract.
  • The Money Factor. Generally traveling therapists make 25 to 40 percent higher pay (much of it tax-free) than in a permanent job.
  • You get to experience a variety of settings so you can decide what you like.
  • See the country and have some adventures. You’re not in school anymore. Spend your weekends exploring and having fun.
  • If, on assignment, you fall in love with the location or somebody (hey, it happens), typically there is an option to go permanent at that job.
  • No drama. You don’t get involved in office politics typically because you’re only there for 13 weeks. Most of our travelers say, “I can do anything for 13 weeks.” Enough said.
  • You’re constantly learning. Each travel assignment has different protocols, cultures and patients. You can’t NOT learn something.
  • Fellow therapists that you work with are glad you’re there. Your role as a traveler is typically to fill in some really important needs. This enables the therapy departments to continue a high level of service. And that’s why you became a therapist right? To help people!


* Are you a nursing student or recent nursing graduate? Unlike travel therapy, nurses need a few years of experience under their belt before clients are likely to consider them for travel staffing needs. Two years is best, but you can be submitted for consideration with one year of experience.