Cariant Internal Travel Team

Are you a PT, OT or Speech Therapist looking for a new professional challenge or a fun adventure? As Cariant continues to combat staffing shortages, we are always looking for new ways to meet the staffing needs of facilities across the country. We are partnering up with our sister company, RehabVisions, to create an Internal

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Making New Friends on the Road

Developing new relationships in your short-term community can add a lot to your travel experience. Don’t be afraid to find friendships outside the healthcare space. Here are a few ideas to make sure your social interactions don’t stay within your temporary facility: Networking Apps Meetup is a website and social networking app where you can

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Don’t “Fall” Behind With Planning

Hooray! We’re only 11 weeks out from the official start of the fall season! While that may seem like a long way out, it’s not a bad idea to start talking to your recruiter about fall contracts. Actually, it’s incredibly important if you’re set on states that have longer lead times for licensing. Some states take

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Finding the “Good” Recruiters

Finding a recruiter who you connect with and trust can start your travel career on the right track. There are plenty of companies out there that can place healthcare professionals in temporary needs, but it’s the one-on-one relationship with your recruiter that often impacts whether you have an enjoyable experience or a poor one.

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