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Travel PT Interview: April Fajardo

April Fajardo, PT was no stranger to traveling before she started with Cariant Health Partners. The seven medical mission trips she had been on greatly influenced her decision to become a travel PT. Even now she is busy in Central America, following her passion and taking advantage of the flexibility that travel therapy offers. Before she left we had a chance to ask her a few questions about her travel PT experience, and get her advice for other new therapists considering this career path:

What led you to travel therapy?

With a blink of an eye I went from graduate student to officially unemployed. Ahhhhhhhh!!!! What should I do now? Should I apply for a neuro residency? Should I work full-time or PRN? Should I live in Texas, transfer my license to California, or travel? Where do I even start?

I’m not going to lieI was overwhelmed. Read more »

Travel Therapist Interview: Candace

We interrupted Candace S., SLP’s 25-hour drive (and string of audio books) on her way from Kansas City to her next contract in Spokane, Washington, to ask about her travel therapy experience. A three-year travel SLP veteran with Cariant Health Partners, Candace has made the most of her travel contracts and enjoys the flexibility they have awarded her.

What led you to travel therapy?

I graduated in May 2013 and went right into travel therapy, so Cariant was my first employer. I grew up playing travel sports and I get stir crazy when Read more »

Travel Sweethearts

New grad doesn’t mean you have to go it alone. We have many travelers who choose to take assignments with a friend or significant other. And if that’s not an option – don’t let it stop you! You’ll meet many mentors and friends along the way (and yes, we DO have travelers who have met their future spouse while traveling), and your Cariant recruiter is only a phone call away. Read more »