Preparing for Licensure

Licensure is an important step in lining up a travel therapy contract, and often one of the most time-consuming tasks. The process is different in every state. The good news is we’ll help navigate that process if you tell us where you want to go. And, we’ll reimburse your licensure expenses including everything from applications, fingerprinting, licensure verifications, etc. with no cap.

Our most successful travelers think ahead and involve their recruiter in the planning process. If you want to visit multiple states as a traveler, it can become frustrating to continually be navigating the licensure processes. Just remember, you already do a lot of documentation—this is just another type, and since we work closely with the boards it’s one we can help expedite.

Travel therapy recruiters are knowledgeable about the nuances of licensure across the country and will walk you through the entire process, provide links, guidance and typical time-frames to get licensed in different states. Some states, like Iowa and Texas, may approve licensure requests within two weeks, where California could take two to three months. Having these discussions with a recruiter ensure you’re getting into travel therapy with the proper expectations for turnaround. If you want to travel to California as a new grad it’s possible—but you might have to take an assignment in another state first, while you wait on that license.

Involving a recruiter will also help you avoid delays. Some licensure boards meet just once a month. If you don’t submit your paperwork at the right time, you’re already delayed by over a month. More time spent not working and not using those therapy skills.

If you’re serious about travel, we recommend prioritizing the states where you are most interested in traveling. Call a recruiter and start the conversation on what you can do to start the licensure process early and give yourself the best chance of landing that dream assignment. You could end up on the beaches of Hawaii this summer! We’ve seen it happen with new (and prepared) therapy graduates.

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    1. Hi Chelsea – Yes, Cariant does work with PTA’s to help them find travel contracts within the US. You can find some of our latest jobs here: Or you can contact a recruiter to discuss what settings and locations you are interested in and they can keep an eye out for you. Thanks!

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