Why Work For Travel?

We recently asked our travel nurses to answer the question, “What do you love about travel?”

Their answers ranged from short-and-sweet and concisely accurate to an ode to recruiters. Here are a few of the responses:

“I love traveling because I love to meet new people, new surroundings and most of all I get to help someone who needs my help.” – Rogeria C., CNA

“I love to travel for the experience and meeting new people. The diversity is awesome and I learn so many great things. And meet so many awesome new patients and people.” – Jodi J., LPN

“I love travel nursing mainly because it has allowed me to assess how other hospitals are managing their mental health clients. Coming from years of various aspects of nursing, I am able to compare and contrast what is working and what is not, and to have a better understanding of what is considered ‘best-practices’ across various state lines. It has also afforded me an opportunity to live in and explore other regions and learn about how different cultures are similar or different from what I am accustomed to, or the way I grew up. I actually made the decision to travel because I am seeking to find a place where I may want to relocate, and also where I may want to pursue my Ph.D. Overall, I have had a very good travel experience and look forward to several more before I decide where I may want to relocate to.” – Cassandra B., RN

“I love feeling the freedom of choice.” – Edward C., RN

“There are several reasons why I love travel nursing, beginning with [the recruiter]. Find a new friend who cares about you and does everything possible to get you what and where you want as fast as possible while making you feel comfortable with any and all aspects of the job. That person gets to know you, what makes you tick and what doesn’t. They walk and talk you through stuff you’ve never faced before and they are willing to hold your hand until things come together. They are a champion in your corner and will get on the phone and help solve issues whether they are small or large. And to top it all, they go through all the ‘footwork’ without letting you lose your mind. It is a wonderful experience to have someone a phone call away, day or night, and even when they are sick to help you with the next step.” – Pamela J., RN

“What I love about traveling nursing Is seeing how different  hospitals perform their duties from the hospital that I was trained and learned my skills. Sightseeing and dealing with different cultures and families, and also physicians and anesthesia personnel. I am just getting started and I love it already.” – Hilda M., RN


“There are many reasons to love to working for travel! You have the greatest opportunity in your life to share your knowledge with your peers and learn something new from them as well! You get paid to see this beautiful nation that God made for us and because of our military we are free to do so. It all comes down to taking care of someone. Someone’s parent, child or grandparent. You meet many different nationalities when you travel, but we are all human. We all deserve the best care possible from the best trained personnel. Whether you help bring a new life into this world or you comfort them during their last moments, you treat them like you would familywith respect.” – Jamie L., RN