What to know before you pick a travel company

Students entering in demanding fields like physical and occupational therapy can expect to be courted after graduation by recruiters from all over the country. It’s a great thing to be so wanted so soon after securing your license, but the volume of calls and emails can be overwhelming. Knowing how to sift through the noise to identify quality, ethical recruiters and travel companies will alleviate some of the weight.

Be wary of vague online postings

Before submitting your resume on a large national job board, take a closer look at the job description. Can you tell for sure that you are submitting your information for a specific job opportunity or location? If the job ad doesn’t include specific information about a facility, city, name of the rehab company, etc., you may be submitting your information unknowingly to a staffing company or resume-farming service.

Recruiters should never be evasive

Be wary of recruiters who are vague with information. Ask good questions and probe to make sure the recruiter sounds like they are looking out for you and not just looking to increase their numbers. Recruiters who give evasive answers or ask you to fill out a bunch of paperwork prior to sharing any information may not even have legitimate openings. A good recruiter will be upfront and answer all your questions before asking for documents.

Narrow down your contacts

After you have preliminary conversations with all the recruiters jumping at your door, narrow it down to the two to three who you feel most comfortable with. That number should suffice in getting you placed. Working with too many recruiters (especially those who don’t play by the rules) could pose problems with potential placements if you get double or triple submitted. Know where your resume is being sent and by whom. For the most part, travel companies receive the same email notifications regarding assignments, so you should make your contact choices based on how you connect with the recruiter and your intuition about the company.

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