Traveling After Retirement

We at Cariant work with a wide age-group of traveling therapists, from new grads to those at the tail-end of their career. Quasi-retired therapists (QRTs) will end up being some of our best travelers because they are strictly in it for the adventure, working mainly out of choice, not necessity. That may mean utilizing a travel assignment (or two) as a means to get to warmer climate states during the winter (or for some going north during the summer months to escape the heat!).

Aside from climate, many of our QRTs use travel work to visit family and/or friends for longer than just a weekend stay. They’ll work during the day, yet have evenings/weekends to catch up and spend time with those they are visiting. Generous tax-free housing/meals allowances are part of the pay packages, and therapists can benefit financially, especially if the housing arrangement is significantly more affordable than the allotted stipends.

So if after retiring: 1) you still can’t get enough of treating patients and want to do it more on occasion when it suits you, 2) want to travel, and 3) make good money while traveling, then travel therapy work might be something worth considering.

For more information on traveling after retirement, contact me or another Cariant Account Manager. We’d love to talk to you about the possibilities.