Traveler Questions Answered: Drug Screens

From US Drug Test Centers:

How to Avoid a Dilute Specimen

  • It is always best to go for a urine collection first thing in the morning because your urine is fresh and not likely dilute. Do not drink extra water because you are afraid of not being able to produce urine at your drug test collection. If you normally drink large quantities of fluids, cut back a bit before going for your drug test.
  • Drinking an excessive quantity of fluid before a drug test can cause dilution and then you might have to back for another drug test.
  • If, at the collection site for your drug test, you have any difficulty providing the required 45 mL of urine, you will be given time to drink some water and try again. We call this a “shy bladder.” There is a shy bladder process where you have up to three hours to provide your specimen and you are given a maximum of 45 ounces of water spread out over the three hours.

What do I need to tell my recruiter about prescription drugs before a drug screen?

You do not have to share what medications specifically you may be taking. However, it is a good idea to let your recruiter know if you do have a prescription that may show up on your drug test, as it could potentially delay the results. If a medication does show on the initial test, it is sent to a Medical Review Officer (or MRO) for further testing and analysis. The MRO will contact you directly to verify any prescriptions that you may be taking. That information is never shared with us.

Should I mention any recreational drug use?

YES! Recreational drugs will show on a drug screen, and it is best that your recruiter knows about this upfront so they can determine the best way to proceed.