Travel Nursing: Before You Go

What to know before you go and sign a travel nurse contract:

Know Your Contract

Cariant signs contracts with both client and traveler, and while extremely rare, signed contracts may be cancelled by the client for situations outside our control. Ask your recruiter to uncover specifics on the client out-clause before taking the position. Read your contract thoroughly to be clear about what is expected in terms of hours, training and job responsibilities. Regarding pay, your recruiter will detail out what pay package can be offered for a position based on the bill rate.

Time-Off Requests

Time-off requests should be discussed with your recruiter prior to interviews with the client. Requests for days off may go over more smoothly depending on the times of the year. Facilities that need help over Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years are likelier to offer work to a travel nurse who will work all the holidays. Regardless of when your contract falls during the year, days off should be included in the contract so the facility is aware of your requests ahead of time.

Plan Your Finances

Like with any job, it’s a good idea to bank a few weeks’ pay into savings. Ending paycheck-to-paycheck living is responsible and especially important for a traveler lifestyle. Should you or the client elect to walk away from your contract, a Cariant recruiter is only a call away and will jump in to search for new assignment. The “nest egg” keeps you out of panic mode. We recommend saving at least one month’s salary before entering into a travel contract.

Think ahead for travel expenses you will need to cover before reimbursement and any deposits you may need to pay before your first paycheck. Knowing how much money you need to start your contract will help you plan your finances for a stress-free contract.

Short-Term Housing

If you utilize our Housing Coordinator, be sure to communicate well with your recruiter so furnishings and basic living requirements are ready for your arrival. Before your first day, map out the route to work and estimate the drive time. We also recommend lining up renters insurance for your stay.

Keep these four things in mind and you’ll be off to a good start with every contract.