Travel Nurse Interview: Lanita

At Cariant Health Partners we work with a lot of amazing travel nurses. This month we interviewed travel nurse Lanita W., currently on assignment in Warsaw, Virginia.

What got you interested in travel nursing?

I have always dreamed of being a traveling nurse, even before I entered nursing school. My grandmother’s niece was a nurse and traveled to Hawaii, where she met her husband and settled. My family always talked about how great of a job that would be, and I’ve been hooked on the idea since highschool. When I became a nurse I knew it was my goal, but I had to wait two years for the experience. In the meantime, I settled down in Wisconsin with my boyfriend, putting the idea on the back burner for awhile. When he decided to follow his dream of joining the military I decided it was time to follow my dream as well!

How fun! How do you make that work with your contracts?

Instead of being alone while he was away for his duties, I went for it and took my first assignment in Maine. This second assignment is in Virginia, so I can be near his base and see him when we have the chance. I’m thankful to be a traveler throughout this because it allows for a non-permanent employment/housing opportunity. My fiancee and I do plan on buying a camper very soon and traveling together around the states, living in our tiny home.


So you’ve been to Maine and now Virginia. Had you been there before? What have you enjoyed about those two places so far?

I had never been to either state and had always been interested in Maine. I am so glad I decided to go to Maine as I met many wonderful people and saw such beautiful sights! The coast is gorgeous. I would go for jogs along the ocean with a friend I met there, eat lobster, or tour the local area. I also went to Acadia National Park, and I recommend everyone see it someday. It is spectacular!

Virginia is also beautiful and I am again on the coast. Being from the Midwest, I find I learn something new every day! I went paddle-boarding here for the first time and saw of jellyfish, crab and manta rays! So neat.


You take lovely pictures. Are you a professional?

I’m an amateur at best, but I love it! I take pictures of everything and edit them for fun. My fiancée is the photographer. He actually surprised me with an amazing camera for my birthday last year, but I still use my phone camera for everything. Guilty! I need practice with the REAL camera for sure.


Did Cariant find your housing in Warsaw? It looks cute!

Cariant is very helpful with housing (and everything really)! I’m very happy with my choice and there is always lots of options. But I went with this one because I felt comfortable with my recruiter Becky and have been happy with my decision. My housing is affordable and so adorable. I live at a bed and breakfast, fully furnished, and on the water. I’m very lucky.


Do you have any advice for other new travel nurses?

My advice….hmm…. Well, I am a beginner as well, but through this I’ve learned to just go for it! Ask lots of questions about work, about the area, about housing. People always tell me at work to chart well and do your best as a prudent nurse.

And get out of the house, go see what’s around you, there’s adventure around every corner. YOLO! 🙂