Travel Nurse Interview: Kevin and Jodie

Married, working in the same profession, and enjoying a nomadic lifestyle? It happens! Travel RNs Kevin and Jodie give us a quick look at their path to travel and what their experience is like together on the road.

How did you meet?

J: We graduated from high school together, but we didn’t start dating until a few years after.

When did travel enter the picture?

K: Jodie went to the ENA conference in 2015 and had talked with one of the recruiters at a kiosk. That recruiter called her the following year and when she brought it up to me I said, “Let’s do it.” Jodie had to be convinced quite a bit!

What drew you to Cariant?

K: Cariant offered Jodie an 8-week contract when another agency could not. This was important at the time because I was already well within a contract and we wanted to sync up the end dates as much as possible. Cariant is competitive with other agencies in pay and benefits and also offers nearly nationwide contract locations. Also, our recruiter Becky is awesome!

What is it like to travel as a married couple?

J: Traveling as a married couple has strengthened our marriage in many ways. Most of the time our schedules sync up and we have a lot of time to be together without distractions. Sharing a recruiter streamlines communication and gets things done a lot faster. Loneliness is far less a problem!

What advice would you give to other nurses traveling with another person?

J: Keep an open mind with any facility or housing situation you get into. Try all the local delicacies and cultures. Explore as much as you can because time at a facility flies by. Also, communicate your next contract ideas with your partner and recruiter to figure out how to get there.