Travel Contracts Over the Holidays

As the end of October draws closer, now is a good time to plan out contracts that fall over the holiday season. It’s okay to request vacation time during a contract. Make your recruiter aware of any vacation time you’ll need, as the facility will take that into consideration.

While it is typical to include time off in a contract, be flexible – it’s unlikely to receive days before or after Thanksgiving, Christmas and also New Year’s Eve off. It’s more common that you’ll be needed to work one or two of those days. That said, you can still accept a travel contract and be surrounded by family and friends over the holidays. Think about picking a fun or snowy location, where they could join you during winter break. More locations open up this time of year as facilities schedule multiple employees for vacation.

Prefer to stay home for the holidays? Don’t rule yourself out of working for 6 to 8 weeks. Give your recruiter a heads up and they can look for travel assignments in your hometown. You could find a position in town or within commuting distance where you’ll be accessible to friends and family over the holiday season.

Don’t let the holidays sneak up on you. Contact us or browse our current openings and make a plan today.