Tips to Prepare for a Successful Introduction to Travel Therapy

Travel contracts can be excellent choices when deciding what to do in your therapy career. So, how do you set yourself up for success in this field?

After you’ve opened your mind to the possibility of travel, start by getting online and finding the companies that facilitate travel contracts, and make some calls. Don’t forget to call us!

Prepare questions relating to pay, lodging, licensing and benefits. Ask the recruiter how long they have been helping therapists find travel contracts. This will help you during evaluations to gauge how much the recruiter should know based on how long they have been in their position.

Another good question is to ask if their company specializes in your field. Since 2001, Cariant has placed physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech-language pathologists and assistants in 13-week travel contracts.

Additional conversations to have:

  • Explain the process for employment with their company
  • What should you expect while traveling for their company
  • Can they identify the “hot” job markets and explain benefits to different locations
  • What benefits do they offer

Remember, the most successful travelers are well-prepared. You need to thoroughly evaluate recruiters/companies to understand whether travel contracts are a good fit for your career. Hopefully, in the process you’ll recognize the financial, career growth and other benefits and decide to pursue this type of wanderlust employment.

The companies that provide travelers are looking for enthusiastic professionals with a desire to help facilities in need while developing in their careers. Even better if you have an adventurous spirit!

Most of our travelers have similar qualities. They have an adventurous approach to life, are fairly confident in their personal lives and are passionate about their careers. Our country offers the freedom to choose what we want to do in all areas of life. We just have to decide we want to pursue it.