The Long List of Travel Therapist Tips – Part Two

The second post in our Cariant traveler tip series. More helpful advice from new to experienced traveling therapists.

41. “Never stop learning! Take away something from each assignment to keep in your little ‘clinician toolbox’.” – Derek S., PT

42. “Obtain a local library card. You can get books on tape to listen to between buildings (if you have two or more buildings) and/or during your drive home. It helps to decompress and pass the time; the next thing you know you’re at your next destination!” – Jerri A., OT

43. “Make the most out of the situation you are in.” – Brienna F., PT

44. “Prepaid hotspot: no monthly bill, but Internet available when needed.” – Kara S., PTA

45. “Use portable shelving that is not heavy and can be taken apart and put back together easily.” – Kara S., PTA

46. “If family does not visit during the day, or I miss a chance to connect with them during the day, I try to call a least once a week to brag about the patient’s progress.” – June S., SLP

47. “Hands down THE must have for travelers, men and women alike. The Leatherman Multi Tool. It can do everything! Screwdrivers for the loose door knob on your new apartment; Wire cutters for removing the impossible-to-cut twist ties off any new product you purchase for your apartment; A file for keeping your nails ready for manual therapy; A knife to open all your mail from loved ones; Two saws for anything the knife can’t cut through; A ruler to measure your progress as a therapist; A bottle opener for Friday nights.” – Victor U., PT

48. “If you are traveling with a pet, check out the website Bring Fido. It’s a lifesaver.” – Valerie G., COTA

49. “Blog or keep a journal of all your travels and assignments.” – Reina N., SLP


50. “Take a break between contracts once in a while.” – Kara S., PTA

51. “A verbal agreement means nothing – make sure it is written in the contract!” – Brienna F., PT

52. “Keep a list saved somewhere safe of all your previous addresses, landlords, contract dates, contract addresses, as someone will inevitably ask you for this information.” – Kara S., PTA

53. “Join a local club with common interests. For example, a quilting club class, glass-making class, etc. They get you involved and create opportunities to meet people – some who are around the length of time of your contract.” – Jerri A., OT

54. “Get a portable modem to keep your Internet secure.” – Janie S., PTA

55. “Enjoy the journey to your contract, don’t just focus on the destination.” – Kari L., PT


56. “Take lots and lots of pictures. To, at and from your assignments.” – Reina N., SLP

57. “Spend the money on a nice watch that is waterproof and includes a light, stopwatch feature (for timed tests of patients) and multiple time zone feature so you always know what time it is back home. Also, a nice watch helps you get to work on time, and that’s good for everyone.” – Victor U., PT

58. “Keep a portable file box with all your licensure and other important documents.” – Kara S., PTA

59. “When purchasing items you intend to keep with you, consider how easy said items will be to carry, and how they will fit in your car.” – Kara S., PTA

60. “Be prepared to start work without any training.” – Brienna F., PT

61. “If it is your first day somewhere and the PTA tells you to take the day off and there is nobody else there, no matter how tempting, don’t do it.” – Kara S., PTA

62. “Get out and explore! Seems pretty obvious, but if you are working in an area you are not familiar with (even if it’s in the boonies) get out and see what the area has to offer.” – Derek S., PT

63. “Take something special from home along to make the motel room seem more personal and more like home.” – Cynthia F., COTA

64. “Put your toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, etc. into one of those portable makeup cases, so wherever you go, you can just unroll your toiletries and hang it on the wall or near the bathroom.” – Kara S., PTA

65. “Pack smart and light.” – Valerie G., COTA

66. “We always have our own Hot Spot WI-FI.  Many places say they have WI-FI, but we find that isn’t always the case. Staying connected is important when on the road.” – Reina N., SLP

67. “Bring a camera to take pictures of all the places you have been.” – Janie S., PTA

68. “Focus on learning something new, good or bad, every day.” – Brienna F., PT


69. The Airbnb and Expedia apps are helpful while traveling. – Jordan R., COTA

70. “Make sure you have a GPS!” – Brienna F., PT

71. Consider an RV. “This is one of the main things that gets me through my travels. I love having the same place to go home to every night.” – Reina N., SLP

72. “If nothing else, at least tell your bank when your address changes, so that they don’t put a hold on your account every time you go to a store in a new state.” – Kara S., PTA

73. “If you live somewhere long enough (extend contracts), you should probably consider changing your driver’s license and plates, even though you may have to do it again next year.” – Kara S., PTA

74. “Awesome co-workers can get you through some challenging assignments. Sometimes, they are why you stay.” – Reina N., SLP

75. “Keep the possibility of extending the contract in your mind for housing purposes.” – Brienna F., PT

76. “My satellite radio is reliable and a great way to stay on top of football games for long drives.” – Joseph R., COTA

77. “My helpful tool for travel: GPS to get around and find anything.” – Joseph R., COTA

78. “Company swag is hugely helpful while traveling.” – Brady H., PT

79. “A pic that helps me on my travels… my map with all the states colored in that I’ve been to!” – Kari L, PT

80. “Have fun!” – Kara S., PTA