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Staying Healthy on the Road

Any traveler trying to live a healthier lifestyle through the application of exercise knows the struggle of being on the road and needing to “hit the gym.” Traveling healthcare professionals may not have the luxury of living in a building with its own gym, or working in a town big enough to have a 24-hour fitness center. So, when gym access is not an option what can be done to meet your fitness goals?

I was a certified personal trainer for five years through the International Sports Sciences Association and the National Academy of Sports Medicine. I learned a lot about the body and Read more »

Travel Nursing: Taking Care of Yourself on Contract

While on a travel nurse contract, don’t get so busy taking care of others and enjoying your temporary home that you forget to take care of yourself. We’ve provided some quick reminders about diet, fitness and stress, and we encourage you to learn more using the below resources. Healthy travel nurses are happy travel nurses! Read more »