Avoid Late Starts in Your Travel Healthcare Contract

Stay on Track to Avoid Late Starts

Procrastination is no one’s friend. You probably know a fellow traveler who has had plans change due to a missed urine test or delayed response to a phone interview call-back. Avoid those and other procrastination mistakes with these three quick tips to stay on schedule for your first, or next, travel assignment.


For first-time travelers especially, it can seem like your recruiter is throwing a lot of to-do items your way. Avoid becoming overwhelmed (or worse, late) by asking your recruiter clarifying questions and gathering specific deadlines for each requirement. Need to provide an updated resume and three references by tomorrow? Does that mean by the end of today or first thing tomorrow morning and what time specifically? Need to complete medical testing? Ask if you have a specific appointment time. If not, what day does your recruiter expect you to complete the test? And by what time of day, for that matter.


Break procrastination habits with detailed to-do lists prioritized by deadlines. A posted list, organization app or a setting your cellphone alarm— it doesn’t matter as long as the method encourages action. There are a number of free to-do list apps that work on mobile phones as well as wearable devices.


Procrastination follows distraction. And it’s all too easy to get distracted these days. Set yourself up for success by making use of screen time limits on your mobile device for specific apps, and use other tools (like SelfControl) to temporarily blacklist websites where you might be tempted to waste time.

Stay on task and complete skills checklists, medical tests and other credentialing requirements on time, and you’re more likely to avoid a late-start situation.