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Planning for the holidays . . . it’s not too soon

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It’s that time of year again. Yep, the holiday season is just around the corner. That means with any new contracts that are coming open, you need to start planning your holiday schedule accordingly. To ensure everyone is on the same page, make sure you are speaking with your recruiter about any time off you

Make Time for Background Checks

Travel Nursing • Travel Therapy

As part of my job as Team Assistant for Cariant Health Partners, I work with our travelers on the logistics of placing them in their facilities—from how they’re going to get there to where they’re going to live to all of the details that go along with new employment. One said detail that is becoming

JCAHO Certified . . . so what?

Travel Nursing • Travel Therapy

One of the “touted” terms that show up on recruiting websites, facility websites and other marketing venues is the term “JCAHO” certified. Starting in 2004, JCAHO created a certification specifically for Staffing Agencies. Sounds impressive but what does it mean to you, the traveler? The certification is not cheap and it is a lengthy detailed

We heart referrals

Travel Therapy

How does Cariant recruit its employees? We do it several ways. We go to the larger national trade conventions like AOTA, university career fairs, healthcare and therapy websites such as, along with more traditional ones like Careerbuilder. These are all ways that we have successfully brought on new employees. What is our most successful

Surviving Bad Assignments

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First, are there bad assignments in travel therapy?  Yes.  Like every other type of employment setting, some jobs are better than others. The first thing to remember on a travel assignment is that it’s only 13 weeks. It’s not like a permanent position where you are looking at possibly being stuck in a bad situation

The RV – Another Housing Option


So you have locked in that travel assignment. The pay is good, the location is right, and now the hunt for suitable housing begins. Rather than stress about housing availability, costs, lease terms and whether they allow your pet, maybe consider another option—the recreational vehicle. An RV or travel trailer, especially if you plan on

Customization is the difference

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Whether you’re just starting your therapy career or you’re a seasoned veteran considering a travel job, finding the job that best fits YOU is what’s most important. At Cariant Health Partners, we call this customization. The definition of customization is “to build, fit, or alter according to individual specifications.” I’m sure you have heard the