How to Make Bad Assignments Better

We hope our travelers never experience a truly “bad” assignment. However, we know the experience of “first days” does vary from stellar to let’s say… forgetful. Don’t take it personally if you expected a parade on your first day and were instead met with crickets. If the mood doesn’t improve, focus on what you can control to improve the situation.


The easiest thing to do first is focus on the job you are there to do. A lackluster first day doesn’t keep you from doing your best job for your patients. Do what you do best and start making an impact on the situation for which you were hired. Fill the gap at the facility. Have fun connecting with your patients while you do it.


Once you’re in the groove of helping people in need of your services, start focusing on other positives. Remember that you have a company behind you, and a recruiter, who cares about how your assignment is going. Your recruiter will check in with you at least weekly to see how things are going.

Look toward the weekend. Take joy in planning your activities. You have 13 weeks to explore all there is to explore in this new place. What are you going to do? Think about new skills you are learning. Focus on the impact you’re making with patients. Practice gratitude.


You just arrived, so remember that early experiences on a travel job aren’t a reflection on you. Your new co-workers just met you. And you’re an awesome traveler! If a hospital is always short-staffed and has a constant rotation of travelers, it’s more likely for that welcome reaction to be something along the lines of “Oh hey, another traveler.” You can’t do anything about that.

The best thing you can do when met with a poor first impression, is let the “bad” things roll off, and remember it’s only 13 weeks! You can do anything for 13 weeks.