From Temp to Perm

We often tout the benefits of 13-week travel contracts and what embracing flexibility can bring therapists professionally. But, we know career travelers are few in number. At some point it’s just natural to settle down.

If you’re thinking about travel as a way to find your dream job – we definitely encourage it! We’ve had numerous travelers take a permanent position at a facility where they have previously done contract work. Traveling grows your professional network, and those contacts can become increasingly valuable later in life.

One of the reasons facilities request a traveler is because they have a permanent position to fill. Travelers often get offered a permanent role during their contract after proving they can handle the caseload. While you still have the travel bug, you may turn down more than a few offers for permanent positions. After five contracts or perhaps five years, you’re probably going to find a town, facility or team of therapists that you clique with.

Always connect on LinkedIn with the other therapists and clinicians you meet on your travels. You never know where that permanent job offer will pop up.

Our goal is to support you in your career, so we’ll be happy for you when that permanent job offer comes through. We know that therapists who lose the travel bug still stay in touch. The perk of maintaining that Cariant connection? Whether you are managing a department or are a staff therapist in a facility that finds themselves in need of temporary staff – you know who to call!