The Best Travel Nursing Company For You

Finding the best travel nursing company for you is no small task. You should interview recruiters, understand what motivates you as a traveler, and know what “fluff” to take with a grain of salt and what deserves extra analysis.

Consider Size

There are hundreds of healthcare staffing firms across the country. Some are big. The majority are going to be small to mid-sized companies. Big companies are often associated with security, but the travel nursing industry has been around for decades. While new travel nursing companies do pop up, it’s likelier any small to mid-sized companies have been around for 10+ years and are stable in their business. Size is not an indication of expertise. If you aren’t sure of the company size or age from looking at their website, then ask a recruiter.

Also consider “desk” size or the number of travelers the recruiter you are speaking to works with at a time. Would you be comfortable with a recruiter who runs a smaller desk of travelers and is likely to be attentive and timely with their responses? Would you be comfortable with a recruiter who runs a larger desk (40-50 travelers, or more), where they may have an assistant, and you lose that single point-of-contact?

Ignore the Fluff

Try to look past marketing tactics and freebies. Pick a sampling of companies (find lists on sites like Travel Nurse Source and The Gypsy Nurse), get connected with a recruiter, and then ask the questions that matter. Is the company JCAHO certified? How many jobs do they have that interest you? What are the benefits? Check their industry knowledge and ask what distinguishes them, and their company, from the rest.

If you want to know what it’s like to work with a company you aren’t familiar with, you may have to dig for genuine insights. Because reviews on social media and nursing resource sites are used for some annual top 10, 20, etc. lists, staffing companies may incentivize people to leave reviews. Since a recruiter is the most important choice in your company selection, ask them about their traveler experiences. A confident recruiter will be happy to give you references. Then you can get a 5-star review you know is genuine and accurate.

Weigh the Benefits

Understand what motivates you as a traveler. Is a strong support network more important than strong benefits? Is pay more important than perks? Is it job locations? Most companies tap into the same systems for job needs across the country. But, one company may have an exclusive contract in a specific location that interests you.


“Best” is really a personal choice, but if you take time to do extra legwork, you’re more likely to end up with a fantastic recruiter and supportive company while you’re on the road. We hope these tips help you find the best travel nursing company for you!

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