Answered: Why Work For Travel?

We recently asked our travelers to answer the question, “What do you love about travel?”

Their answers ranged from short-and-sweet and concisely accurate to an ode to everything we love about travel ourselves. Here are a few of the responses:

“What I love about travel therapy is the opportunities that arise that would simply be impossible with a traditional job. Opportunities to see the country from coast to coast, to meet incredible coworkers (that become incredible friends), to try dishes from every region, to experience any type of climate you’d like thrown at you, and most importantly, to push previously self-imposed limits and get out of your comfort zone. All while getting paid to do it. I’m convinced there’s no better career choice out there.” – James M., PT

“I became a therapist because I love helping people. Travel has made it possible to meet people that I wouldn’t have otherwise. It’s great to explore areas and fish in a place I never would have gone otherwise. This is my first travel experience and Kim has made it so easy. The group here in Schuyler is just great and I am very happy that I got this opportunity. What a great way to say thank you to a new community for welcoming you by getting to do what you love… helping patients”- Ron N., PTA

“I love travel therapy because it gives me the opportunity to practice my skills in different settings while exploring various parts of the country.” – April F., PT

“I love seeing new parts of the country, exploring, and experiencing different cultures!” – Jamie K., OT

“Enjoying nature from coast to coast and beyond.” – Nicole S., PT

“The opportunity to learn from and get to know PTs around the country with a myriad of backgrounds. The challenge of keeping all my skill sets fresh with changing settings frequently. The ability to live in different cultures around the country and make lifelong friends while doing that.” – Kari L., PT

“I love travel therapy because it has allowed me explore previously unbeknownst areas of the country, exposing me to the beauties of what small town love can really be like. Coming from a large metropolis, it has been quite the culture shock getting used to the eerie quietness of different communities and the unsettling kindness from so many people. I say those sarcastically because they are changes I am still adjusting to and welcoming with an open mind. Combine those with being able to pay my way through these weekend vacations I frequent with locals from every town and it hands down beats grinding it out in a permanent position fresh out of school.” – Joseph W., PT

“I love getting to see different parts of the US and have the opportunity to spend time with family and friends.” – Kelsey H., PT

“I traveled a lot in my 20s before I went back to school to be an occupational therapist. I thought for a while I wasn’t going to get to really travel till I was retired. There are still so many places I want to see, and working with Cariant offers me the opportunity to do what I love, being an occupational therapist, and briefly live in a community. Three months is just about right to get the flavor and the mindset of a community, to be a tourist, to practice new skills there always a part of each practice setting. I really enjoy having a recruiter and team of experts to guide the process of what needs to happen to move to a different state and practice. I trust RehabVisions’ business approach, and Cariant, as their travel division, is no different. They want us to provide good, quality, patient centered therapy, and still be a full human being while we do so. And if I get to scout out a canyon, meet new friends, and spend most weekends relaxing in a way that never quite happens at home as a part of being a traveling therapist, I’ll be doing this for a while.” – Charity S., OT