5 Non-Clinical Podcasts For Your Next Adventure

I like listening to people talk. Probably because I’m an introvert, and I don’t like to talk much myself. So I’ll spend hours a week listening to the conversations of others, learning new things about topics from sea turtles to new Urban Dictionary slang words (rarely incorporated into my vocabulary, but always interesting to hear deliberated).

Here are some “just for fun” podcast suggestions to fill the silence on any weekend adventures:


Oologies is always my first podcast recommendation given to anyone. Humorous interviews on random “-ology” topics, from made-up ones like “grateful-ology” to real ones like deltiology, biogerontology and selenology. Enjoy a chuckle and probably a podcast binge with this one.

The A24 Podcast

A24 brings together two people to have an unmoderated and unhosted conversation about whatever they fancy. Listening to this is kind of like being invited to a overhear a long tête-à-tête between two famous people you always wanted to meet. Released at random throughout the year, the episodes and pairings are a treat. Think Fred Armisen/Jason Schwartzman and Michael Cera/Jonah Hill.

Decomposed with Jade Simmons

The music podcast I didn’t know I was missing until season one released this year. Hear the real stories behind famous classical music and composers. Old-school betrayals and scandals.

Song Exploder

This musical podcast is interesting if you like to learn how creative projects come into existence, and it usually takes on more modern pieces. Hear from artists like Mumford & Sons and Hozier how lyrics and instrumental layers evolved into a final song, then hear it at the end of the episode.

The Popcast with Knox & Jamie

Chime in with your own opinions, because these two have them on everything. Be the silent third wheel with two extremely talkative friends.


Have a go-to podcast you like to recommend? I’d love to hear about it!